NFC payments now possible with microSD cards

first_imgThe venerable microSD card slot might not be as common in smartphones as it once was, but it is still exceedingly more common than Near Field Communications (NFC) capability. The SD Association is announcing today that it has decided on an official standard for NFC-enabled SD cards, called smartSD cards, which could allow any phone with a compatible slot to make payments, pay for transit, and do almost anything else NFC is used for.The important thing here is that smartSD is a standard adopted by the association that keeps watch over SD cards to ensure interoperability. Companies like Visa have tried to implement similar technologies, but this time it’s going to be a universal scheme based on the single wire protocol (SWP) as a secure element for NFC transactions.The eventual smartSD cards will support an authentication system consumers will use to add and manage services. A smartSD card is designed to be authenticated in a smartphone or PC when purchased. The owner can then add the supported services like banking, rewards cards, and transit. Of course, the operative word here is supported. The technology might be in place to make this possible, but getting organizations to fully utilize NFC continues to be a tough nut to crack.The smartSD standard is likely to go up against NFC-enabled SIM cards, which would be more universally feasible — more devices have SIM cards than microSD cards slots worldwide. However, NFC SIMs have yet to coalesce around a single standard. Now that smartSD has been decided on by the SD Association, we just have to wait for someone to actually make them to see how this plays out.last_img