Apples Find My Friends app set to frustrate philandering spouses

first_imgAs part of today’s Let’s Talk iPhone announcement, iCloud head Eddy Cue announced a new app called Find My Friends. Find My Friends utilizes your iPhone’s GPS to show the location of friends or family who have opted to show you where they are.The example Cue gave of a use of the app was a family at Disneyland. If Ma and Suzie go to the Matterhorn, and Pops and Billy go to Pirates of the Caribbean, they can all see exactly where they are. In typical Apple fashion, they present an age-old problem (getting lost at a theme park) and provide a simple, integrated solution.The first concern most people have about this is privacy, and Cue was quick to add that location-sharing can be easily enabled or disabled. In fact, it can even be shared during a specified time frame.Find My Friends looks to be launched with the rest of iOS 5 on October 12.via Thisismynextlast_img