The Firefly is a militarygrade grenade launcher that shoots a wireless camera

first_imgJoshua Marpet with his adaptation of the Firefly.There’s a convention for nearly every profession. There’s E3 for the video game industry, Photo Plus for photography, and then there’s Defcon for hackers. At Defcon, thousands convene to show their wares or view other’s creations, and this year, many showcased their iterations of military grade technology.The Firefly, a grenade launcher that has been modified to shoot a wireless camera, was adapted by hackers Vlad Gostom and Joshua Marpet. The Firefly will eventually shoot the camera 500 feet in the air and sends images back via a 5.8GHz wireless receiver before parachuting to the ground. The end result is an image stream that lasts 8 seconds. Since it’s military-grade technology, it can’t readily be purchased by regular folk. Gostom and Marpet, however, are looking to change that by offering it as a $500 off-the-shelf solution.Both men feel that the Firefly has great potential for search-and-rescue operations and could be immensely useful for local police forces. The Firefly affords a view that can’t readily be obtained through conventional means.Gostom and Marpet’s first test of the Firefly did not go off without a hitch. They used a 37mm flare gun to launch the camera. Unfortunately, the gunpowder didn’t fully ignite, so the camera only made it 30 ft into the air. With such a short distance, images couldn’t be relayed back to the receiver. Despite the mishaps, they consider the test a success, and they aim to have a working prototype that can launch the camera 250 ft into the air using the grenade launcher as a next step.via TechWorldlast_img read more