Senseg adds friction feedback to a touchscreen

first_imgYesterday we were looking at an experiment that added temperature feedback to a game controller, display, and chair. While it’s nice to see such experiments, temperature feedback isn’t top of the list of feedback types I want added to my devices. What I do want is haptic feedback on a touchscreen so I am doing more than just sliding my finger across a sheet of glass.There are a number of solutions to touch feedback that use vibration or piezo-based solutions. However, Senseg has come up with a solution that manages to offer touch feedback by effecting the friction between your finger and a display.It’s called Senseg Tixel and uses an electrostatic field to produce feedback. Senseg uses an insulated electrode and passes an ultra-low electrical current through it. In turn, that creates an attractive force with the finger on the screen, which can be adjusted and the sensation changed depending on the feedback you want the user to have.In order to add this technology to a device, Senseg applies an ultra-thin durable coating to a display that allows the friction feedback to occur. It can even be applied to a curved surface meaning any smartphone that has a slightly curved display can still take advantage of this haptic feedback solution.The video below demonstrates the Senseg system in action on a touchscreen, although this really is something you need to try for yourself. We may have to wait a while to get a chance to do that though, as Senseg believes it could be another 12-24 months before a device launches with the system integrated.More at Senseg and CNETlast_img read more