US Army Looks to Adopt Android Devices

first_imgThe Army did not confirm that the Android device will be adopted, nor has any soft release date been released. As for why the Android devices are the only smartphone OS being considered is pretty clear at this point. As of now, the Android OS is the only open source one on the market, thus making it easier for the Army to work on. AdChoices广告Via TG Daily The U.S. Army is always looking for ways to help its troops fight better. First the Army embraced video games as a way to train, now the Army is wanting to adopt Android-based devices. The Army would allow developers to develop a couple of apps just for the Army in order to protect themselves in better ways. Here is what Lieutenant Colonel Mark Daniels had to say about this:That’s going to allow us to be interoperable across the entire family of systems of JBC-P, which would include the platforms, the aviation, the logistics community, the tanks, the Bradleys, the handhelds last_img read more