State should stop interfering with citizens’ personal matters: Lawmaker

first_img“Choosing one’s partner is a personal matter. The nation should not interfere in this matter. Islamic teachings on marrying people from the same class should not be interpreted as a mistranslation,” Ace said on Friday as quoted by He said the government should be looking for the right strategy to combat economic inequality, such as giving low-income families access to education, health care, providing job opportunities, and conducting training programs.”Those are the right ways to eradicate poverty,” he said. (dpk)Topics : The state should not interfere with its citizens’ personal matters, Golkar Party lawmaker Ace Hasan Syadzily said in response to a controversial statement from Coordinating Human Development and Culture Minister Muhadjir Effendy.In a speech at the National Health Work Meeting in Jakarta on Wednesday, Muhadjir suggested that rich people should marry those who came from low-income families, arguing that such marriages would help reduce the national poverty rate. Read also: Minister suggests ‘the rich’ should marry ‘the poor’ to reduce Indonesia’s poverty ratelast_img read more

Putin invites Armenia, Azerbaijan foreign ministers for peace talks

first_imgRussian President Vladimir Putin invited the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan to visit Moscow for peace talks Friday and said fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh should be halted for humanitarian reasons.Putin’s invitation came as there appeared to be no end in sight for nearly two weeks of fighting between Azerbaijan and ethic Armenian separatists that has claimed hundreds of lives.”The foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia are being invited to Moscow on Friday, Putin said in a statement released by the Kremlin. Armenia on Thursday accused Azerbaijan of shelling a historic cathedral in Nagorno-Karabakh.Armenia said several journalists were injured in strikes on the cathedral after an initial bombardment left rubble strewn across the floor, pews knocked over and a layer of dust coating the interior from parts of the building’s limestone walls that had been hit.”There is no military, nothing strategic here, how can you target a church?” said local resident Simeon, who lives nearby.Azerbaijan and Armenia are locked in bitter fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh, an Azerbaijani region controlled by Armenians who declared an unrecognized breakaway state after the fall of the USSR and emerged victorious from the war that followed.Hundreds including civilians have been killed in the current fighting, the worst since a 1994 ceasefire, with both sides doubling down on entrenched positions over who should control the region.Defense officials in Azerbaijan and Armenia said fighting continued into Thursday, with both sides claiming to have inflicted heavy losses and accusing the other of shelling civilian areas.There was a gaping hole in the roof of the Ghazanchetsots (Holy Savior) Cathedral, AFP journalists reported, after Armenia’s defense ministry accused Azerbaijan of targeting a cherished site for the Armenian Apostolic Church.A section of the cathedral’s metal roof collapsed and fell to the ground outside.Baku denied its forces were behind the first attack, saying that unlike Armenia, “the Azerbaijani army does not target historical, cultural, or especially religious, buildings and monuments.”Explosions and sirens sounded in Nagorno-Karabakh’s regional capital Stepanakert as the city continued to face regular shelling early Thursday, AFP journalists said.Heavy bombardments have leveled many homes since fighting erupted late last month and Stepanakert is pockmarked with unexploded ordnance and wide craters from shelling.Alongside the new bombardments in Stepanakert, Azerbaijan said Armenian shelling on several villages near the frontline had left people dead and wounded.Topics : “The President of Russia is issuing a call to halt the fighting in the Nagorno-Karabakh on humanitarian grounds in order to exchange dead bodies and prisoners,” the Kremlin added.Yerevan has so far ruled out any talks between the two countries’ top diplomats as long as clashes are ongoing.Earlier talks were held in Geneva but expectations were low and no statements were likely from the negotiations which were being conducted behind closed doors – and without Armenian participation.Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov was to meet diplomats from France, Russia and the United States, who make up the “Minsk Group” that has sought a solution to the Karabakh conflict since the 1990s.last_img read more

IPE Awards: Changes in asset allocation decision-making for pensions (video)

first_imgErik Valtonen, former CIO at AP3, shares his views on new risk-based approachlast_img

UK opens National Sperm Bank amid donor shortage

first_img Share Share Share Sharing is caring! HealthInternationalLifestylePrint UK opens National Sperm Bank amid donor shortage by: – October 30, 2014center_img 210 Views   no discussions Tweet (Photo Graphic: BBC.UK)LONDON (AP) — Britain opened a National Sperm Bank on Thursday to help meet rising demand for donors.Officials said it is designed to help single women, men with fertility problems and same-sex couples to build families.The bank was set up to counter a national shortage of sperm donors at a time when the number of patients seeking sperm donation is increasing. It is based at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital 115 miles (185 kilometers) northwest of London.The National Sperm Bank will be run by the National Gamete Donation Trust in conjunction with the hospital. It said the sperm bank will reduce the number of patients “putting themselves at risk” by using unregulated donation services.The centre is also intended to help men who have had cancer treatment or suffer a genetic defect and cannot produce sperm.It will recruit and screen donors and bank the sperm.One goal is to increase donors from inside Britain to lessen reliance on sperm from other countries. Both Denmark and the United States supply large quantities of sperm to Britain to offset the shortage.Dr Allan Pacey, chairman of the British Fertility Society, told BBC that economics has sometimes made it easier to import sperm from other countries than to increase the donor supply.He said “it kind of just doesn’t feel right” to important so much from other countries. Pacey said another goal is to increase the ethnic diversity of sperm donors.last_img read more

An oral history of the six-overtime game: Five years ago, Syracuse and Connecticut played a game for the ages in the Big East tournament quarterfinals.

first_imgFrom the moment the draw for the 2009 Big East tournament put Syracuse and Connecticut on a crash course for the quarterfinal round, the game had the makings of an instant classic.Two bitter rivals coached by Hall of Famers. Two rosters stocked with NBA talent. The Huskies handled the Orange with ease earlier in the season, but in Madison Square Garden, stuff like that doesn’t seem to matter.The first 40 minutes were hard-fought, if sometimes unspectacular. But then Eric Devendorf hit his now-famous discounted 3-pointer and the game became an epic.Six overtimes. Two hundred and twenty-six minutes. Two hundred and forty-four total points. Eight players who fouled out.There were missed opportunities in some overtimes, but big shots by Andy Rautins and Jonny Flynn in others. And ultimately, SU prevailed in six overtimes despite not leading in the previous five.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“I don’t think other games can be compared to it,” Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim said. “It’s not necessarily the best game, but it’s just one-of-a-kind to go six overtimes.”As late night turned to early morning, the most iconic game in one of the sport’s most iconic leagues became something of legend. There may be games that drag on longer than six overtimes, but odds of the perfect storm of opponents, coaches, venue and stakes all colliding again are impossibly slim.Five years later, its legacy lives on as one of the Big East’s — and college basketball’s — all-time classics.“I think both teams proved something that night: that Syracuse and UConn were true programs, not just teams,” said Jim Calhoun, Connecticut’s head coach at the time. “They had players within the program who truly believed in the Orange and the blue and white of the Huskies. It wasn’t a perfect game, but it was an incredible game to show that both teams weren’t going to quit.”,The calm before the stormOn Thursday, March 12, 2009, Syracuse and Connecticut met in the quarterfinals of the Big East tournament at Madison Square Garden. The No. 3 Huskies had a double bye until Thursday and were fighting for a No. 1 seed. The No. 18 Orange had just beaten Seton Hall after a single bye. The winner would advance to the semifinals to play West Virginia after the Mountaineers upset No. 2 Pittsburgh earlier in the day.Calhoun: “I always loved the Big East tournament. I always thought it was special and over the years we’ve had some very special games.”Arinze Onuaku, Syracuse center: “Every game we play them is a tough game, but nobody really expected all that.”Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut center: “We just went over there, we was ready to compete, man. Big East’s always tough. Anybody can beat anybody at anytime, so we just came out and said we’re trying to win the Big East.”We just knew we were playing a good team that was hungry at the time, who needed a win to solidify their spot to the NCAA Tournament. We were pretty much set, but we were definitely looking forward to playing spoiler.A.J. Price, Connecticut guardMike Ogle, The New York Times reporter: “I actually was going to go home because Pete Thamel was going to write off of the Syracuse game late and I was going to go home and get some sleep. And then the game seemed to be kind of interesting and a late game at the Garden between those two teams — I figured I’d stick around and see what happened.”Justin Thomas, Syracuse walk-on guard: “It’s never a regular day when Syracuse is going to play UConn. You can feel the tension. Everybody knows it’s a rivalry. Great games. And that year in particular both teams had great players.”Kip Wellman, Syracuse graduate assistant: “You’re not expecting six overtimes or anything like that, but it did have that sort of feel that it could be an instant classic.”Jake Presutti, Syracuse walk-on guard: “We played the night before against a really tough, trash-talking Seton Hall team and it really lit a fire under Eric and Jonny.”Price: “When Pittsburgh went down, it was definitely shocking because you don’t want to overlook anybody, but that was definitely a game that we were looking forward to…Maybe it was made for us to make a run.”Patrick Sellers, Connecticut assistant coach: “I never said this at the time, but I’m thinking this is our year.”Tipoff: 9:36 p.m.Calhoun: “Syracuse and Georgetown might have been the ’90s rivalry, but clearly the 2000s it was Syracuse-UConn.”Devendorf: “There was definitely some trash talk during the game. Particularly I remember me and A.J. Price going at it.”Price: “We were still going back and forth a lot.”Thomas: “Eric always was talking, man, so that was nothing new.”Price: “It wasn’t just me and him. It was a lot of us out there who was getting into it. There was a lot of us out there who were getting into it. It made the game more competitive, made it more fun.”Devendorf: “Maybe later in the game it definitely tailed off a little bit.”Sellers: “The year before, we had a tough time guarding the pick-and-rolls. Jonny Flynn was really good at pick-and-rolls. George Blaney and I went to the Boston Celtics and talked to Tom Thibodeau and he gave us some stuff they did with Yao Ming. It’s called ‘icing the ball screen.’ You jump on the ball handler and you push him away from the screen, so we iced all their ball screens at Storrs (Conn.) that year and we ended up winning by 14 points.”Presutti: “They just really took it to us. Thabeet played a huge factor. Coach Boeheim was really on us hard about not allowing him to dictate the game and he just controlled the paint.”Sellers: “Syracuse made an adjustment. When you do that type of defense, you don’t guard the screener. What Syracuse did was they threw the ball to those guys and then they dribble-handoffed to (Andy) Rautins. The first couple times they did it, they went to Rautins. Rautins made a couple 3s and Coach Calhoun was like, ‘We’ve got to get out of it.’ And now they go all ball screens and Jonny Flynn started going crazy on us.”Guys like Jonny, Eric, Paul — they felt comfortable at the Garden. It brought something different out of them. Eric and Jonny, specifically, they thrived.Jake Presutti, Syracuse walk-on guardSean McDonough, ESPN’s play-by-play announcer tossing the broadcast to halftime: “As usual, these two longtime rivals get together — an interesting ball game.”Second halfUConn went into the second half with a 37-34 lead, but there were still 50 minutes to be played. With 3:56 left in regulation, Syracuse battled back to lead 64-57. It was the largest lead of regulation, and there wouldn’t be a larger one until the game was decided in the sixth overtime.Devendorf: “I don’t know if we thought we had control. We were just trying to come out with a win.”Onuaku: “We never really relaxed. When you get a lead in the Big East, it’s hard to maintain it. We were just trying to maintain the lead. We never really relaxed.”Price: “Onuaku, who was like a 30-percent free-throw shooter, just missed two free throws, so we went to the hack-a-Onuaku, pretty much. We fouled him on purpose and he goes to the line and I’m just giving it to him before he shoots the shot. Just talking all kinds of junk to him knowing that he’s going to miss. He calmly knocks the first one down and calmly knocks the second one down. I couldn’t believe it.”Boeheim, after the game: “The free-throw shooting was absolutely unbelievable tonight. We had to make two free throws at least seven, eight times.”In the final seconds, Craig Austrie missed a potential game-tying shot. Kemba Walker was there for the putback with 1.1. ”Does it get any better?” Bill Raftery rhetorically asked during the broadcast.The shot,The Orange had time for one last catch-and-shoot. Paul Harris’ long inbounds pass was deflected by Gavin Edwards, but fell right to Devendorf on the right wing. He tossed up an off-balance 3 as the final buzzer sounded.Calhoun: “I didn’t know if it was good or not, initially, and when it was up in the air I said, ‘Oh my god, it’s got a chance.’”Sellers: “And then he jumps on the table celebrating. At the moment I’m like, ‘Oh, man, we lost.’”Thomas: “We loved it. We all rushed the floor. We thought the game was over. Perfect ending. At the buzzer, no chance for a reply, break their hearts in the Garden for the world to see. We thought it was going to be the best ending ever. I loved the way he celebrated. I thought it was awesome. It was quintessential Eric Devendorf. Stand on the table, look at the crowd. I loved it.”Boeheim: “That’s just Eric.”I bet Eric had run through something like that in his head a million times. Like, ‘If I hit a game winner, I’m going to step on the table.’ I’m sure he’d thought about that before.Jake Presutti, Syracuse walk-on guardPrice: “I knew it was no good. I was right there. I was the one who was right next to him when he shot it. I knew he didn’t get it off.”Referee John Cahill: “I knew the shot was close and I knew by rule that we had to go to the monitor.”Thomas: “I remember we were in the huddle and Jonny had his hands on his knees and he looked at me and he said, ‘JT, they’re going to take this away from us.’”Calhoun: “One of my assistants said, ‘Too late! Too late!’”Sellers: “I go over to our SID and I look at the computer and I see it…I’m over peeking over at the screen and I almost sprint back. ‘It’s no good! It’s no good! It’s no good!’”Cahill: “We were fortunate the technology had advanced to the stage that it had when that game was played because if that game had happened maybe 10 years prior, by rule we may not have even gone to the monitor and secondly, we may not have had the angles or the ability to have the shot blown up. TV was able to not only show us a bunch of different angles, but they were able to blow up Devendorf’s hand on the ball and we were able to see the time going off the clock and hitting zero while it was still on the hand of Devendorf.”McDonough: “I was just really proud of our broadcast team. Not just Jay (Bilas) and Bill, but producer, director, all the camera people. We had an amazing shot from our center-court, hand-held camera.”Boeheim: “I thought it was good, but I thought it was questionable when he shot it. It was really so close you couldn’t tell.”Cahill: “When Bob Donato went down and told coach Calhoun, I’m sure he was elated. When I told coach Boeheim, he didn’t have the same reaction. He told me, ‘You’d better be right.’”Devendorf: “I wouldn’t have changed anything I did. I was going on passion and emotions.”Bilas: “The game to that point hadn’t been an epic. It had been a good game, but I didn’t consider it to be an epic game, but it certainly was after that. The whole thing, when you took it all together, became unforgettable.”Boeheim: “At the time you’re very upset because you want to get a win and you think you got it or have a chance to get it, but looking back on it, it’s the best thing that ever happened because then we became part of a once-in-a-lifetime game.”First overtime,Onuaku: “I just remember us getting together, regrouping. It’s 0-0 now. Let’s go win the ballgame.”Price: “Being down and then coming back the way we did, we felt like the game was ours in overtime. We felt like we had momentum on our side and we felt like that was going to carry us for the rest of the game.”Thabeet: “To take the game to overtime, that’s when it wasn’t normal for us. Especially in Big East play, we beat each other pretty well. We was expecting the game to be over without the overtime, so when they were going to first we were like, ‘Oh, wow. They really turned it up.’”Just 34 seconds in to the first overtime Kristof Ongenaet became the first player to foul out. With 30 seconds left, Rautins missed a 3 that would have given Syracuse a two-point lead. Stanley Robinson went to the line for UConn with 14 seconds left and made 1-of-2 to stretch the lead to two.Calhoun: “We had opportunities to win and it’s kind of a frustrating feeling. Let’s put this away, let’s finish this and, quite frankly, Syracuse never let us finish it.”Sellers: “We were in the lead. We had the game in hand at least two or three times in those overtimes.”Onuaku: “We never really felt like we was playing from behind, we were just playing a game. We always feel like we’re at home in the Garden and we’ve got the fans on our side. We were just playing hard. We were playing like we knew we was going to win the game.”Syracuse didn’t need a 3, so Flynn dumped a pass off to Rick Jackson who flushed home a game-tying dunk with 8 seconds left. Walker’s off-balance 3 missed and the game continued.Second overtimeWith 1:18 left in the next overtime, the foul trouble continued for Syracuse. Onuaku fouled out of an 86-86 game and the Orange called on freshman Kris Joseph for the first time in the game. The natural small forward would have to anchor the center of SU’s zone.Onuaku: “I had to talk to Kris Joseph because he was playing center at the end of the game. I had to tell him what to do.”He came into this game and I remember looking at his face and thinking he looked so nervous and not comfortable.Patrick Sellers, Connecticut assistant coachOnuaku: “I think he did well. He listened to the little things that I told him and he was able to go out there and execute.”Boeheim: “That kind of game just takes its toll. We won the game because we had a couple starters that made it all the way through. That was the difference in the sixth overtime.”Bilas: “Some of the overtimes it was tied and somebody didn’t make a play. It could have been ended several times.”At the end of second overtime, Flynn pulled up for a long two-pointer. His shot bricked and Walker’s off-balance heave on the other end missed, too.Third overtime,Price: “We were taking shots of B-12, energy drink. And we had some guys on the team who were accustomed to doing that, such as myself. I was always the guy who liked that boost of energy, so I would take shots of B-12 maybe at halftime or something. But I remember our trainer, after the second overtime, was like, ‘No. Everybody has to take it. Everybody needs the B-12 right now.’”Thabeet: “It was such a long game. We had fatigue a little bit. I didn’t have much of a break until I fouled out in the fourth overtime.”Price: “Thabeet was a guy who never took anything and he had to take B-12. He was tired.”Cahill: “We kept taking Gatorade in between periods and things like that, but we were emotionally drained.”McDonough: “I could have stayed there all night. The only thing, when you get to be our age, is you couldn’t get up to go to the men’s room. When the game ended that was my first thought — it is time to go find a bathroom.”Mike Tranghese, Big East commissioner: “It worked out perfectly because if you ever had that game in the first game, then people would have just been exhausted. They would’ve been drained, but fortunately it was the second game and everyone knew they were going to be back shortly.”With 2:59 remaining, UConn forward Stanley Robinson fouled out. He had 28 points and 14 rebounds.Sellers: “They said he fouled Rautins. I don’t think he touched Rautins. When I went back and looked at the film I didn’t think he touched him either. I think it was a bad call.”Boeheim: “Andy Rautins hit a 3 with 10 seconds to go down three — that kept us alive and was a tough 3. That was a huge shot that game.”Price: “I was gassed, so I had to settle for a long 3. I felt like I didn’t have enough to get through the zone, so I’m going to have to settle for a 3.”Jeff Adrien, Connecticut forward: “It’s kind of unexpected. I got a rebound and I kind of just threw it up. It’s a tough shot.”Thomas: “When the third overtime ended I remember just throwing up my hands on the bench and going, ‘When is this game going to be over?’ This is unreal. I’m sitting on the bench, I have to pee and I’m just sitting there for hours.”Fourth overtimeFile PhotoPrice: “It was the fourth overtime. Me and Flynn came together at the scorers’ table. Everybody’s putting their sneakers on the sticky tape, whatever it’s called. Before the overtime’s about to start we’re dusting off our shoes and you can see that both of the teams were just looking gassed and me and Flynn said to each other, ‘Somebody has to win this game.’ And we laughed about it — even through the competition, competing as hard as we were, somebody had to win that game because someone had to play that night.”Thomas: “Kip looks down and he says, ‘JT, be ready.’ I’m looking around thinking, ‘Yeah, right.’ But then I’m looking at the fouls, how much time and how the game is going and I really might have to start getting mentally ready to play here. And then Coach (Mike) Hopkins looks down and says, ‘Be ready.’ And Jake and Brandon Reese, we’re all looking around like, ‘Oh, shoot. We might all have to play.’”With 1:09 remaining and Syracuse trailing by two, Thabeet fouled out of the game. Adrien took over at center and Gavin Edwards entered at power forward for Connecticut.Bilas: “I thought Syracuse was going to win once Thabeet fouled out. Once that rim protector was gone, Syracuse just went right after the basket. They immediately attacked the rim.”Presutti: “When Thabeet fouled out, I felt great because he scared the crap out of us.”Cahill: “There was a series of really good blocked shots in the last 10 seconds that really kind of stood out because you’re holding the whistle to make sure it’s a good play and you go, ‘OK, he got ball there. And that looks like a good block.’ You try to make sure that whatever foul you call at that particular point is a good foul.”With 16 seconds left, Harris had a chance to win the game for the Orange with several chances at the rim.McDonough: “Paul had a couple that were close to the rim that didn’t go in.”Boeheim, after the game: “Paul was just, I can’t describe how awful he was for most of the part of that game.”Presutti: “Who are we to judge, but we were a little frustrated because he missed that layup. We were like, ‘Oh, come on, Paul!’”Fifth overtimeFile PhotoWith 2:01 remaining and Syracuse trailing 106-104, Devendorf committed his fifth personal foul.Thomas: “Automatically I stand up and I take off my jump suit, but Coach isn’t saying anything to me yet, so I sit right back down wondering what’s going to happen.”Onuaku: “JT played well in practice all the time, so we knew that he was able to go out there and be relaxed and get the job done.”Thomas: “Jonny goes over to Coach and Jonny says, ‘Make sure you put in JT.’ And Coach goes, ‘Yeah, I know, I know.’”Presutti: “He was a laid-back kid from California. For him, it was just kind of his moment.”Thomas: “Coach Boeheim tells me don’t be scared, but at that moment I wasn’t. I wasn’t scared at all, I wasn’t nervous, I was honestly just more excited than anything, which is evident by the first rebound. The ball came off the rim, I should have grabbed the rebound and I fumbled it out of bounds.”Wellman: “Justin had some swagger to him. He had a little bit of cockiness to him.”The only person who was scared was Boeheim when he put me in.Justin Thomas, Syracuse walk-on guardBoeheim: “We were down to everybody and they were down to everybody. They were down to walk-ons and so were we.”Thomas: “They didn’t want A.J. to pick up his last foul, so they put him on me and I remember A.J. Price saying, ‘Oh, look at this. He doesn’t want to play. He doesn’t want the ball.’ And I told him, ‘Oh, I’m out here for the win.’ And we both started laughing. We were talking a little bit.”At the end of this overtime, a situation repeated itself. Price threw up a 3 and Adrien gathered the offensive rebound. He got an open look from the left baseline, but once again, he couldn’t get the putback to go.Price: “Both times when Jeff gets the offensive rebound, that’s what we’re looking for. I’m thinking he’s going to finish and he just missed two shots that I’m sure he felt he should’ve made.”Adrien: “For that to happen twice? I didn’t expect that either. It was just one of those things where the basketball gods wanted more basketball.”Sixth overtime,Ogle: “When the fifth overtime ended, Jonny Flynn was near me on the court and he just, almost like he was pulled by gravity, started backpedaling toward the press table and took a seat on top of the press table and just caught his breath, shook his head and looked over at us and said, ‘This is crazy.’”Wellman: “I literally didn’t think he was going to be able to walk over to the huddle. I kind of put my arm around him and was kind of ready to carry him if I needed to. I could just feel the weight and exhaustion he had.”Bilas: “‘Overtime No. 6.’ Just as simple as that sounds. With the way (McDonough) said it, with the incredible timing and his voice — that stayed in my head. Sean’s so good in the moment. You hate to say you’re proud of something you didn’t say, but I think both Bill and I were really proud we kept our traps shut and let him do his job.”Flynn, after the game: “I just wanted to get the game over with. For a second, I’m thinking, ‘Lord, let’s just get this game over, go home. Whoever wins, wins the game. It was getting near that time.’”Harris, after the game: “We lost every tip. Jonny Flynn said we needed to get one tip.”Rautins’ 3, just 4 seconds into the sixth overtime, gave Syracuse its first lead of any overtime period and gave the Orange the lead for good.Wellman: “That’s the first time I thought, ‘We’re definitely going to win this game.’”Price: “I remember Rautins making big 3s. They made plays, so I had to tip my hat to them. I don’t feel like we lost the game, I feel like they did a great play.”Flynn iced the game for SU with four free throws in the final overtime. He went 16-for-16 from the line in the game.Wellman: “He just kept getting to the free-throw line. It was like every time you turned around he was shooting another free throw…The kid was unbelievable. I think he played over 60 minutes and he was such a battler.”Boeheim: “I’m sure he was tired, but he made his free throws. He really did. He made them all. They were all must-makes — he had to make them — and he made them.”Final: Syracuse 127, Connecticut 117.1:22 a.m.Time of game: 3 hours, 46 minutes.Thomas: “I threw up my hands. I found Jonny and me and Jonny just hugged. We had a big grin on our faces and he didn’t collapse, but he was just leaning on me because he was so exhausted. But he still had that super-giant smile on his face because we both knew it was a special, special game.”When the game was over, Bill Raftery and Sean McDonough and Jay Bilas were standing, applauding the two teams for their effort. I kind of realized then that this was some type of game that would really be etched in people’s memory.Referee John CahillMcDonough: “Regardless of which team won, we would’ve done that. Those guys played so many minutes and one clutch performance after another.”Sellers: “I just remember being exhausted as an assistant coach. Coach Calhoun is up coaching, the players are playing. I’m thinking these guys must be gassed.”Calhoun: “When I walked off the court — I always consider myself to be in pretty good shape — I was exhausted immediately.”Boeheim: “It’s just a sense of relief, really. It was 1:15 or something in the morning. It was a long night and we had to struggle in the first five overtimes just to get to the next overtime, so it was really a struggle just to get there and to win. It was a good feeling because you knew it was an epic already, so it was good to win.”Sellers: “We had a great year that year, so we were worried because if we lost in the first round we might not get a No. 1 seed.”Calhoun, after the game: “It’s a loss. I’m sure in the summertime I’ll look back and say what a historic battle it was. Right now, it’s a loss. There’s no other way.”Sellers: “Coach (George) Blaney said, ‘Guys, you’re not going to appreciate what this game was like or what it meant, but people are going to talk about this for years and years to come. I know you lost and you’re mad about that, but you were part of history.’”Thabeet: “It’s a shame that we ended up losing, but we was glad to be a part of that.”Thomas: “Us walk-ons, normally we don’t get interviewed for anything, so we just leave and these people were crowding me with their microphones. I was like, ‘Wow. This is definitely a change here.’ It was awesome, though.”Bilas: “After the teams left the floor, everybody left. We’d gone underneath to the tunnel and after we come back out the place was totally empty and the only person we saw was Jim Boeheim came out the other tunnel. And he comes out and he sees the three of us, and then he kind of shrugs his shoulders and he goes, ‘Are we in the tournament now?’”Tranghese: “My friends from Providence were throwing a surprise retirement party for me that night, which I did not know about and they finally had to tell me because of what was going on, so when the game ended, my wife Susan and I left the Garden, jumped in a cab and went to a restaurant. We were there until 5 or 5:30 in the morning.”Presutti: “We got back so late and right down the street was a 24-hour McDonald’s. I got McDonald’s. Andy wasn’t a big fast food guy, but I think he partook in some McDonald’s, as well. It was the only place really open.”I thought I’d fall asleep and I didn’t sleep for quite a while. I kept seeing foul shots and jump shots go in.Jim Calhoun, Connecticut’s head coachPrice: “I was so wound up that I could not sleep. I didn’t sleep until about 5-5:30, just from being on B-12 and stuff.”Thomas: “I checked my Facebook the next morning and people were writing me telling me that I was an inspiration. I couldn’t believe what some of the people were writing me, people I’d never heard of.”McDonough: “We went for a beer with a couple of people on our crew some place down the street, so I probably got back to the hotel at about 3 o’clock and I couldn’t fall asleep. You think you’d be exhausted. Your mind’s still racing through everything that happened.”Ogle: “It was around 6 a.m. and it was so late that when we were leaving the Garden, at the security guard’s desk, next day’s newspaper had already been delivered. I hailed a cab and took a taxi home and I actually had the taxi let me out at a bodega in my neighborhood instead of my apartment because I felt like I had to have a beer after all that.”Presutti: “We were all kind of on the same floor at the Eastside Marriott. I just remember walking in the halls and stopping at Jonny’s room and he’s already got his McDonald’s. I just remember being at the hotel and it kind of sinking in how great the game was. It was being talked about on every sports program.”Wellman: “Mike Hopkins and I were doing the scouting report (for West Virginia at 9 p.m. that day) and I go to the window for whatever reason and I look across and I see one light on. ‘Who in the world is awake right now?’ And I look across and who do I see but Jonny Flynn and Paul Harris. We’re waving at each other. I’m trying to signal him to go to bed, get some rest.”Syracuse tipped off against West Virginia less than 20 hours later with a chance to face Louisville in the Big East championship on the line. The No. 5 Cardinals had just beaten No. 10 Villanova.Thomas: “We were in the tunnel. Louisville had just played and they won and they’re coming down the hall. Rick Pitino actually taps me and goes, ‘Hey, Justin. That was a big rebound. Way to block out and be ready to play.’”Boeheim: “We played pretty well and ironically, it comes down and goes into overtime again. We played almost three games in two days.”Onuaku: “I think that’s why we didn’t win the championship. We had Louisville, and then at halftime I feel like we died from having all those games that quick and playing all them overtimes.”The Orange outlasted the Mountaineers 74-69. This one only took one overtime and SU advanced to the Big East title game. SU hung with the Cardinals in the first half, but ultimately LU pulled away for a 76-66 win and claimed the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. Syracuse earned a No. 3 seed.Tranghese: “In a lot of ways the championship game was anticlimactic.”Thomas: “I got to play in the championship game against Louisville a little bit because Jonny was exhausted.”When the Big East tournament ended and Syracuse and Connecticut had time off before the NCAA Tournament, the Orange and Huskies finally had a chance to reflect.Price: “I didn’t really appreciate the game until probably about a week later when it was still on ESPN.”Onuaku: “That little time we have off before the Tournament, everyone’s talking about it.”Price: “I think that’s a one-time thing. It was a great, classic game between what was back then the two Big East rivals. You had so many storylines and matchups.”Tranghese: “You sat there and said you’re having another great game. And then you just sat there. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was one of those magical games that you’re not even certain you can look back and understand what it was all about.”,Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.last_img read more

NPFL: Giwa a Game Away from Expulsion

first_imgShare this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Giwa FC failed to turn up in Ilorin on Sunday for their Nigeria league match against Wikki Tourists and they could now be just a game away from being expelled from the league.Wikki thus conducted a walkover Giwa when it was clear they will not honour the game and there was no representation from them as to why they stayed away.Jos club Giwa has been banished to Ilorin after their home game against Enugu Rangers was abandoned due to crowd trouble.According to the framework and rules of the NPFL for the 2015/16 season, Article 13.27 clearly stipulated the consequence of missing consecutive matches without acceptable reasons to the organisers.It reads: “If a club fails to honour two consecutive matches without an acceptable reason to LMC such a club shall be expelled from the League and its matches played and unplayed match shall be cancelled.”And this sanction would also apply should Giwa fail to honour three cumulative matches in the season.Article 13.28 stated: “If a Club fails to honour three matches cumulatively within the League season without an acceptable reason to the LMC such a club shall be expelled from the League and its matches played and unplayed match shall be cancelled.”Meanwhile, Nigeria league leaders Enugu Rangers were brought down to earth yesterday when they fell 3-1 at Rivers United in continuation of the championship.It was their third loss of the campaign.Rangers closest rivals Abia Warriors and FC IfeanyiUbah canceled themselves out with a goalless draw in Nnewi.Second-placed Warriors now have 24 points, three points behind Rangers, while IfeanyiUbah are on 23 points.Bernard Ovoke gave hosts Rivers United the lead from the penalty spot in the 17th minute after Chigozie Ihunda was brought down inside the box.They doubled their advantage four minutes later through Christian Weli.Former Bayelsa United striker Ovoke, who incidentally trained with Rangers in the close season with a view to signing a contract, completed his brace on the stroke of half time.Rangers pulled a goal back in the 47th minute, when Gabriel Olalekan turned the ball into his own net for an own goal.Both teams had chances to score later on in the game, but they failed to do so.MATCH DAY 14Ikorodu FC 3-1 HeartlandMFM FC 3-0 Akwa UtdSunshine 0-1 Kanob PillarsShooting 2-2 Plateau UtdRivers Utd 3-1 RangersNasarawa 2-0 W’WolvesIfeanyiUbah 0-0 Abia WarriorsEnyimba 2-2 LobiTornadoes 1-0 Elkanemi*Wikki walks over Giwalast_img read more

When are the College Football Playoff rankings released? Time, channel for CFP selection show after Week 12

first_imgMORE: Why Alabama will (or won’t) make the PlayoffIt’s what happens outside the top four that will be more interesting to monitor. Alabama, ranked No. 5 in the second set of rankings, could drop further down the poll after the loss of starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, despite a 38-7 win over Mississippi State. Losses suffered by previously undefeated Baylor and Minnesota will need to be parsed through as well.That said, here’s everything you need to know to tune in to the third set of College Football Playoff rankings show:What time are the College Football Playoff rankings released?Date: Tuesday, Nov. 19Start time: 7 p.m. ETThe College Football Playoff will unveil its third set rankings at 7 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Nov. 29. The rankings normally will be released at 7 p.m. ET every Tuesday until the end of the season. The final set will be released at noon on Sunday, Dec. 8.CFP rankings schedule 2019The College Football Playoff rankings will be released on five consecutive Tuesdays from Nov. 5 to Dec. 3. The final rankings will be unveiled Dec. 8, the day after conference championship games are played.Here is a look at the schedule:DateTimeTuesday, Nov. 59-9:30 p.m. ETTuesday, Nov. 127-8 p.m. ETTuesday, Nov. 197-8 p.m. ETTuesday, Nov. 267-8 p.m. ETTuesday, Dec. 37-7:30 p.m. ETSunday, Dec. 8Noon-4 p.m. ETCFP selection show channel, how to watchTV channel: ESPNLive stream: WatchESPNEach and every unveiling of the Playoff rankings will take place on ESPN and can be livestreamed on WatchESPN. The top four teams in the third set of College Football Playoff rankings should look similar to the second.LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Georgia each took care of business in their respective games on Saturday, with the lone one-possession win (a 21-14 victory for Georgia) coming over a top-15 team in Auburn. There’s the possibility the ordering is different, but it’s more likely the selection committee holds serve and keeps the top four teams the same. The second set of rankings will air at 7 p.m. ET. The “College GameDay” crew of Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, Jesse Palmer and Joey Galloway will reveal the committee’s weekly rankings of the season. CFP committee chairman Rob Mullens will then join the show to discuss the rankings.Week-by-week Playoff rankings:Week 10No. 1 Ohio StateNo. 2 LSUNo. 3 AlabamaNo. 4 Penn StateWeek 11No. 1 LSUNo. 2 Ohio StateNo. 3 ClemsonNo. 4 GeorgiaProjected CFP rankings: Who are the top four teams in college football?1. LSU (10-0)2. Ohio State (10-0)3. Clemson (11-0)4. Georgia (9-1)According to both SN’s Week 13 college football rankings and Playoff picture, the top four will be No. 1 LSU, No. 2 Ohio State, No. 3 Clemson and No. 4 Georgia, with Oregon and Alabama as the first teams out.last_img read more

County attorney charges Sylvester Provencio, Nicholas Reedy in rural Caldwell assault

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Two Caldwell men are facing at least six felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from the alleged April 22 assault of two older Caldwell men, the Sumner County Attorney’s office announced today.Sylvester Provencio, 21, of Caldwell is facing three felony and four misdemeanor counts while his alleged accomplice, Nicholas Reedy, 33, of Caldwell has been charged with three felony and three misdemeanor counts.Nick ReedySylvester ProvencioThe criminal complaint was filed this morning in Sumner County District Court.Bond has been set for both Caldwell men at $100,000 each. The two men are scheduled to make a first appearance on Thursday, April 30 at 9 a.m. in Sumner County District Court in Wellington. They are currently in Sumner County jail. The bond specifically states they are to have no contact with the two other Caldwell men in the attack if they are to make bail.Provencio has been charged with: •Battery, a Class B misdemeanor;•Disorderly conduct, a Class C misdemeanor;•Aggravated battery, a level 4 person felony;•Criminal deprivation of a motor vehicle, a Class A misdemeanor;•Theft, a Class A misdemeanor;•Burglary of a vehicle, a level 9 felony;•Aggravated robbery, a level 3 felony.Reedy has been charged with:•Disorderly conduct, a Class C misdemeanor;•Aggravated battery, a level 4 felony;•Criminal deprivation of motor vehicle, a Class A misdemeanor;•Theft, a Class A misdemeanor;•Burglary of a vehicle, a level 9 felony;•Aggravated robbery, a level 3 felony.The two suspects are accused of assaulting Gregory Schneider, 53, and Bryan Nispel, 55, of Caldwell in what is being described as a good Samaritan act turned into a violent situation four miles east of Caldwell around 12:15 a.m. Wednesday.In the complaint, Provencio is being charged for pushing and punching Nispel, and for verbally threatening him by saying “you think you’re a tough guy, but I’m going to beat your ***”Both Provencio and Reedy are also accused of feloniously punching and knocking Schneider to the ground and continuing to punch him while he was helpless causing him to have a concussion, ruptured ear drum, severe head and neck trauma, cracked teeth, two broken ribs, bruises over much of his body, cuts, and abrasions which required stitches and staples.Spencer also has charged the two of taking Schneider’s pink Cadillac without permission and driving it to Caldwell where they abandoned the vehicle. They are also accused of taking Schneider’s check book/wallet with intent to deprive the owner of his possessions, valued less than $1,000. Allegedly, the wallet was in the vehicle’s console before it was stolen, but was not there after the vehicle was abandoned.The charges came after an extensive investigation by Sumner County Detective Jeff Hawkins, Sergeant Jessie Cornwell and Detective Lee Patterson.•••••Court affidavitSpencer released details of the alleged attack in an affidavit that was attached to the criminal complaint.His report is as follows:“On April 22, 2015, Cornwell and Patterson were dispatched to a physical disturbance in progress on Mayfield Road just south of U.S. 81 Highway near Caldwell.The complainants have subsequently listened to the 911 call which was made by Nispel shortly after the crimes started and as the crimes were concluded. Nispel reported to 911 that he had seen a vehicle stuck in the ditch. Nispel and Schneider had stopped to help and was physically attacked by two of the occupants of the stuck vehicle.Nispel had been able to get away and get to his phone in his truck to call 911, but his friend was still being attacked by the suspects and was helpless on the ground. Nispel was out of breath, excited and fearful on the 911 tape. He reported while he was on the phone, the attackers took Schneider’s pink Cadillac and were fleeing the scene. He was able to get Schneider in his truck and was proceeding to the Caldwell Hospital.Patterson and Cornwell met Nispel at the hospital where Schneider was admitted. He was subsequently diagnosed with serious injuries and remained hospitalized until April 24. His injuries included severe head and neck trauma, a concussion, ruptured eardrum, extensive bleeding from cuts and abrasions all over his body, cracked teeth and two broken ribs. He had many stitches and staples.At the hospital, Patterson observed Nispel had several injuries to his head and arms. He had abrasions and cuts on his hands and his clothes were muddy. Blood was in his hair. Schneider was worse looking and had several marks, cuts and bruises on his face and body, which were photographed.Nispel explained he and Schneider were on their way home from Caldwell in separate cars when Nispel noticed the vehicle was stuck in the ditch south of U.S. 81 on Mayfield Road. He phoned Schneider, who was behind him and they decided to stop and help.Nispel was already past, so he had to turn around so Schneider got to the scene first.When Nispel arrived, Provencio and Schneider were arguing as Reedy and a third person were apologizing for the way Provencio was acting. Provencio threw a punch at Greg, but missed. Nispel said something and as he approached the situation he and Provencio exchanged words and Provencio swung at him and hit him.They exchanged punches and ended up in the ditch. He says Reedy attacked Schneider during this time. The third person did not participate in the attack. Schneider fell to the ground after being punched by Reedy. Reedy proceeded to kick Schneider while he was on the ground.Nispel was eventually able to get away from Provencio and get to his truck where his cell phone was. He drove away to make sure he would have time to call 911. After explaining the situation to 911, he turned his vehicle around to go back to help his friend.Both Reedy and Provencio were standing over Schneider kicking him as he was lying on the ground. When Nispel got near, they came towards Nispel’s truck. He thought they would attack him so he struck them with the front of his truck which knocked them off their feet, but he did not run over them. They proceeded to get into Schneider’s vehicle and stole it.Provencio’s mother Becky Gonzalez and Ed Baker arrived at the scene while he was still talking to 911. Gonzalez was mad and yelled at him for calling the cops. But Baker helped Nispel get Schneider in Nispel’s truck so he could take him to the hospital. Schneider was too injured to be interviewed at length that night.Dispatch advised that Caldwell Police Officer Marshall Matthews had located Schneider’s Cadillac at Osage and Avenue A Street in Caldwell. Dispatch had also taken a call from Reedy’s mother requesting an officer come to their residence.Patterson went and took statements from Provencio and Reedy. They admitted to being in a fight, but claimed they were acting in self-defense and took the Cadillac only to get away from the situation.Reedy identified Austin Townsend as the third person who was there, but he was not involved in the altercation. Reedy said he tried to call 911, but his cellphone wasn’t working right.Patterson went to where the Cadillac had been recovered. Officer Matthews said the vehicle was still running when he had recovered it. Patterson observed no damage to the vehicle. Shawnda Schneider arrived to claim the vehicle. She said Greg had left his wallet in the center console cup holder, but the wallet could not be found in the vehicle. As of April 24 it had not been recovered.Cornwell and Paterson located and interviewed Austin Townsend. Townsend said he had been riding around with Reedy and Provencio when they got stuck in the mud. A short time later, two guys showed up and tried to help. Provencio and one of the men began arguing. Townsend and Reedy tried to get Provencio to calm down, but someone started throwing punches. He did not know who threw the first punch. After they started fighting, he fled the scene on foot. Townsend said the two men were trying to help them out and he did not know why the fight started.Detective Hawkins subsequently interviewed Ryan Sturm, who is a friend of Nispel’s who lived near the scene of the altercation. Nispel had mentioned he had called Sturm to see if they could borrow a chain to pull out the stuck vehicle.Sturm confirmed receiving the call. He said Nispel was talking on the phone in a normal tone of voice. Then Stum suddenly heard shouting and swearing in the background that was someone other than Nispel. Sturm heard Bryan call Greg’s name then the phone went dead.”Follow us on Twitter. Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! 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People we all know what really happened so quit fooling yourselves. Report Reply 0 replies · active 276 weeks ago +36 Vote up Vote down Guest · 276 weeks ago And so the truth is out! Stop sticking up for Provencio and Reedy! Provencio likes to attack people. His mother has been arrested numerous times for attacks! Thug culture. I hope this time they pay the fiddler for the tune. Report Reply 1 reply · active 276 weeks ago -38 Vote up Vote down P&R all the way · 276 weeks ago They don’t even have proof that P&R FOR SURE took the wallet! And if P&R told them that they did not need an help from them then why did Greg and Bryan get out of their cars? Clearly, no means NO, so they did not need any help from them whats so ever! Report Reply 4 replies · active 276 weeks ago -31 Vote up Vote down Shadow · 276 weeks ago This case gets shadier & shadier as the days go by. My question is for one , first one so called victim in the begin g stated that he did not get out of his vehicle when in fact he would have had to provided that things went down the way this statement says. 2. My next concern is that the known so called victims had been drinking all that day & even up to the event of this happening. 3. Why is it okay for a vehicle allowed to be used as a weapon when owner should have been charged with a DUI yes I went there . The way I see it all 4 should have to face their consequences. If two of them were arrested for their wrong doings then the other two should be arrested for theirs cause the last time I check Drinking & Driving is against the law as well as the rest. The main thing I guess I am trying to stress is all 4 added fuel to the fire but only 2 are being held responsible. When are grown men going to grow up? P.s. When you stop to help someone & that someone says they have someone on the way the two victims should have turned away & went on about their business. Report Reply 2 replies · active 276 weeks ago +3 Vote up Vote down Redkitty · 276 weeks ago And the plot thickens, guess we will just have to wait and see! Report Reply 0 replies · active 276 weeks ago +22 Vote up Vote down Guest · 276 weeks ago Reedy should be thankful he’s not facing murder charges. Came close! Report Reply 0 replies · active 276 weeks ago +23 Vote up Vote down really? · 276 weeks ago Does any of this justify beating someone to a pulp? Really? Personal responsibility here. Report Reply 0 replies · active 276 weeks ago +24 Vote up Vote down WellMom · 276 weeks ago I may be old fashion, but I can not see any reason, baring a weapon, that justifies 20 and 30 something year old men beating 50 year old men. Bottom line, end of story for me. Report Reply 2 replies · active 276 weeks ago +33 Vote up Vote down Frank Castle · 276 weeks ago Since some of these fine people on here choose to ignore the facts, and are obviously a bit misguided, and continue to run down these good men and Caldwell. Let’s get “REL” and tell these “winners” what they have more than likely won! Behind door number 1 is a first class trip to a luxurious Kansas penitentiary. Behind door number 2 is a colorful wardrobe provided by the state of Kansas! Yes!, Kansas is broke, but Kansas cares, and wants to give you clothes! And behind door number 3… you get your own private “Security Detail”, provided by the state of Kansas as well. And it appears you have also qualified in the bonus round for a free criminal record! Congratulations! It was well deserved and you should have “won” these incredible gifts long ago, since you fellas have been hurting innocent people for a long time. Report Reply 0 replies · active 276 weeks ago +12 Vote up Vote down Conceal Carry · 276 weeks ago This is why I have a CC permit. Report Reply 1 reply · active 276 weeks ago 123Next » Post a new comment Enter text right here! Comment as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Comments by IntenseDebate Enter text right here! Reply as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. 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Teenagers Penge and Prior are England’s top juniors for 2015

first_img30 Oct 2015 Teenagers Penge and Prior are England’s top juniors for 2015 Teenage internationals Marco Penge and Lizzie Prior are England Golf’s top junior golfers of 2015.They have sealed impressive seasons, in which they both made an impact in men’s and women’s golf as well as junior events, by winning their respective boys’ and girls’ Order of Merit.Penge won the Scottish amateur strokeplay title, while Prior tied second in the English women’s amateur and also set a women’s record on the New course at Sunningdale, en route to winning the Critchley Salver.Penge, from Golf at Goodwood in Sussex, was delighted to win the order of merit after playing a limited junior schedule. “I only played three boys’ events this year and I won two of them and reached the semi-finals in the other, which got me over the line to win the Order of Merit,” he said.“Winning this means a lot to me because a lot of great players, who have done a lot as professionals, have won this trophy.”The 17-year-old’s highlights of 2015 included his wins in the Peter McEvoy Trophy and the Henry Cooper Junior Masters, alongside his Scottish success. He was also in the winning GB&I boys’ team which defeated the Continent of Europe in the Jacques Leglise Trophy.Looking ahead to 2016 he hopes to progress to break into the top 20 in the world amateur golf rankings, to play in the US amateur, to win another title, to make the Junior Ryder Cup team – and to always be in contention.Lizzie Prior’s win in the girls’ order of merit means she signs off in style from junior golf. The 18-year-old from Burhill in Surrey said: “Getting this title was a great achievement for me. It was something I wanted to win as this was my last year in girls’ golf and I wanted to go out on a high.”“I have had one of my best years and I felt as if I prepared myself well for every tournament, ensuring I was in the best shape for every competition.She won the girls’ title at the Fairhaven Trophy and was runner-up three times, in the English girls’ championship and the Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters, as well as tying for second place in the English women’s amateur.As well as setting a course record of eight-under 67 on the New course at Sunningdale, she also set a six-under record at Lindfield in Sussex, where she played her college golf before starting university in Las Vegas.“Getting to Las Vegas for University has been one of the best experiences so far and I’m excited for it to continue,” she added.Now Prior is aiming to get in the world top 50, to win the freshman of the year title and the English amateur. “I want to continue to keep progressing and getting better both physically and mentally,” she said. “I also intend to start pushing myself harder to go pro in the next two years.”Leading final placingsBoys’ Order of Merit1 Marco Penge (Golf at Goodwood) 984752 Bradley Moore (Kedleston Park) 896233 Billy Spooner (Boston) 423304 Nathan Fell (Lindrick) 382535 Jordan Sundborg (Shanklin & Sandown) 310556 Will Enefer (Wrekin) 306457 Jamie Li (Bath) 304608 John Gough (Stoke Park) 280099 Thomas Jordan (Langley Park) 2639610 Toby Briggs (Dunston Hall) 24888Girls’ Order of Merit1 Lizzie Prior (Burhill) 932252 Sophie Lamb (Clitheroe) 580653 Emma Allen (Meon Valley) 5091664 Hollie Muse (West Lancs) 509045 Alice Hewson (Berkhamstead) 368166 Eloise Healey (West Lancs) 347067 Emily Toy (Carlyon Bay) 305418 Cloe Frankish (Chart Hills) 287339 Sammy Fuller (Roehampton) 2442610 Penelope Brown (Worthing) Sussex 21632Image © Leaderboard Photographylast_img read more

Rough start for Nelson 2 at Bantam House Tourney

first_imgBy The Nelson Daily SportsNelson 2 got off to a rough start at the West Kootenay Bantam House Playoff Tournament falling to Rossland/Trail 10-2 Thursday at the Civic Arena.Nelson 2 took the early 1-0 lead but Rossland/Trail roared back to score the next seven goals en route to the lopsided victory.The game was the opening contest for the four-day tourney.Clubs from Castlegar, Beaver Valley, Kaslo, Midway, Grand Forks and Rossland/Trail joins two teams from Nelson Minor Hockey. Nelson 1 opens the tournament against Rossland/Trail 2 Friday at 6 p.m. in the Civic Centre.The remaining games for Nelson 1 are Saturday at 9:45 a.m. against Grand Forks and 1:15 p.m. Saturday against Castlegar 2.Meanwhile Nelson 2 plays Castlegar 1 Saturday at 8:30 a.m. and Beaver Valley at noon.The top two teams in each of the two pools advances to Sunday’s semi finals.The final goes at 1:15 p.m. in the NDCC Arena.sports@thenelsondaily.comlast_img read more