Fran Fernández: “This Alcorcón wants more”

first_imgWhat can the last two signings, Perea and Mula, contribute to the team?Well, I think they can contribute a lot to the team. They are two kids that I think will fit very well in the workforce and come very hungry. Mula is going to bring us in the outside game, has an overflow and can add us to completion. Perea is very versatile and can give us different positions. In principle the two would arrive at the match against Numancia.They are two signings made in the early days of the Winter Market and I have the impression that they try to address very diagnostic needs by the coaching staff and the sports management.Yes, it is like that. We are very happy with the squad and the work of the team, but we thought we were somewhat short in some positions. With these movements I think we left the template almost closed. We had several conversations with the sports management and we wanted the additions to arrive soon to join the team as soon as possible since we have a very important January. They are also a profile of young soccer player and wanting to grow up that we wanted him to be with us.Do you consider the incorporation chapter closed? Everything that can be improved will be well received. But with these two signings and with the illusion that we have in the current template we cannot think of anything other than that the template is closed. I am happy with the template I have.Have you forgotten the anger of the game against Extremadura?The words I said in Extremadura have had a great impact. However, I just said something obvious, that there are players who have to give more level of what they are giving because they came to highlight and make a difference. It is time to react. We have the entire second round ahead.Which plot of the game gives you more headaches?We have gone through several phases. We started being very offensive but weak in defense. Little by little we have evolved and improved a lot in defense, but in attack we have room for improvement. Not only can we improve on the goal, in the definition, we have to be more decisive in attack.Keep growingWhat is true is that Alcorcón has competed in all matches.I think the only game we haven’t competed against is Zaragoza. I think that the last three games have been superior and we have generated, but we have not added victories. We need something else on the offensive plot.Are the next weeks decisive to see what the Alcorcón will fight at the end of the season?We are in a quiet situation, but with an eye on the backs that come very strong. We want more and we are working for it. I think we have to improve in everything and especially in home games. I am sure that we will continue to grow as a team.Are you worried that after seven games without winning, this situation affects the head of the players in some moments of the matches?Of course. We want to free the player and be calm and confident. We are creating occasions and competing. Every game is a world and I am very happy with the last matches except the last 20 minutes in Extremadura.I guess eager to give the fans a victory.You are right. Our hobby deserves much more. The time has come to not ask for more and give them to us. Take one more step for the fans to push us. We really want the three points to stay in Santo Domingo.What does the Numancia tell you?Knows how to adapt to each game and each situation. It fits little since it has a great defensive solidity. It is dangerous in offensive transition. They are very close and well worked. They will make it difficult for us. The Alcorcón does not go through its best moment of the season. Saying this is obvious. The potters do not know what it is to win in the last seven games, six in the League and one in the Cup that led to the elimination of the category. This next Wednesday the Numancia will measure the aspirations of an Alcorcón that needs to re-savor the three points. More in Santo Domingo. And it is that the first part of the season has been something strange for the potters. Accustomed to making Santo Domingo a fort, on that occasion, the team has only added eight points. However, far from home he is unbeaten and is the 3rd best visitor to the Smartbank League. In 13th position, with 28 points and in a quiet area, Alcorcón will try to take another step to be able to dream in the last part of the season. Of all this, the signings, the lack of gunpowder and the next rival we talked with the potter coach Fran Fernández.last_img read more

Granada will use Germán’s second yellow against Barça

first_imgTo try to avoid punishment, Granada will present an appeal to Competition with the aim of having that second warning withdrawn, they confirmed Efe from the club.Germán himself showed his discomfort this Monday in his personal account from Twitter for the expulsion suffered in a match in which he saw yellow paths in the only two fouls he committed and in which no player from Barcelona was cautioned.“Proud of this team that competed as far as he could or where they left him,” said the rojiblanco central. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 20, 2020 Granada will appeal to the Competition Committee the second yellow card that saw its central Germán Sánchez in the match of this sunday against Barcelona, with the aim of being withdrawn and can participate in the clash of LaLiga next Saturday in the field of Seville.Germán was sent off by Madrid referee Valentín Pizarro Gómez in the 69th minute of the game for a double yellow card, the second of them for “knocking down an opponent in the form of the ball reckless “, as indicated by the arbitrator in the minutes.The rojiblanco team, who fell to Barcelona because of a goal scored by the Catalans shortly after the expulsion of Germán, not only did he stay with ten players at the Nou Camp but neither can count on the defender in the next clash against Sevila.last_img read more

Those pointed out by Barça in the defeat at Mestalla

first_imgThis was the performance of the Barça players in the defeat at Mestalla. From Jong: Disastrous at all levels. The Dutchman this week put a 6 in an interview with Sport’s teammates, but if he is honest and reviews his match against Valencia, he could lower the average by two or three figures at least. Without soul or game, your contribution is simply sterile. And his arrival from the second line is as illusory as it is hopeless.Arthur: His return to ownership after two months served to verify that the Brazilian is without filming and that he lacks resources in his game. The Brazilian made a sterile possession, without deep passes or offensive sense. His game does not happen of the simple civil servant, to fulfill the script and little more. Zero imagination or efficiency.Messi: The game is desperate and bitter. And that is the worst news for a player who can go free this summer if he decides. Apparently he is the only one able to knock on the door in the team. He tried in every way: with free throws, head, cross shot, dry shot … but this time nothing came out. If all this together with a sticky Coquelin and some unproductive partners, we have the perfect cocktail to explain Leo’s anger.Griezmann: The French is still lost. He is not clear about his position in the field and finds no offensive solutions. Little participatory in high phase, his game is as disappointing as it is frustrating. A center and a pass to Messi are his offensive balance.Ansu Fati: One of the few who were saved from the general disaster, especially from the second part because before the break his presence was anecdotal. Sometimes it seemed that the game was a little too big, but his attitude was commendable at all times. He had in the first minute of the second part a very clear opportunity to score after a great pass from Messi, but the ball went a little deflected.SubstitutionsVidal: It revolutionized the game, at least for intensity and testiculin. He tried to throw the team and even participated in the game with plays at the first touch. The Chilean showed his face.Rakitic: He was in the field.Collado: He left with the game already decided and the team broken. Ter Stegen: Spectacular. The German goalkeeper prevented Setién’s team from leaving Mestalla with a sack of goals. He stopped a penalty to Maxi Gómez, avoided a goal in Piqué’s own door, cleared a powerful ball from Maxi Gómez, sending it to the crossbar, also halted a Coquelin shot and continued his deployment of powers until the final whistle. In the goals he could not do anything. In fact, in the first one a teammate, Alba, deflected a ball that was going outside.Sergi Roberto: He is not comfortable in the new role that forces him to deploy Setién as central. Misplaced and outdated, his game is so lacking and is so pigeonholed that he no longer climbs the band. It’s wrong, but the board of the Cantabrian coach is not helping you at all.Pique: His worst game this season. He made a book penalty, almost marks on his own door after a disastrous clearance by Sergi Roberto, and a clearing so defective that he was close to causing a kickback was marked.Umtiti: French is a shadow of what it was. Slow, heavy, flawed, without ideas and insecure. His game is simply a cluster of nonsense. Too bad, Lenglet must be in order not to be a holder.Sunrise: Match to forget his, especially because Valencia’s first goal came after an unfortunate rebound to a shot that went outside Maxi Gomez. He did not understand Fati when he fell in his band. In any case, he never fainted or lost his face to the game, giving away an interesting center and dropping his traditional connection with Messi.Sergio Busquets: The only one who seems to have understood the new coach’s booklet at first. Perfect in the combination, at the start of the ball and in the aids. Always at the first touch and with discretion. The problem is that their peers seem to be still trying to crack the new code.center_img LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 25, 2020last_img read more

Spaniards in Canada: “Ottawa has won the lottery with Atlético de Madrid”

first_imgAtlético Ottawa is already a reality. Atlético de Madrid reached an agreement for the acquisition of a license in the Canadian Premier League (CPL), which will start next April and in its second edition will feature eight participants. “For Ottawa, that the Atleti has chosen to have a franchise here is as if he had won the lottery. Everyone is talking about the same thing and it is obvious that their arrival will increase the impact of the championship, “José Pedrosa Galán tells AS, who was trained in the red and white quarry and is currently part of the Valour FC squad.” The league is He had proposed to expand at least with one club every year and get it thanks to Atlético de Madrid, one of the 10 best clubs in the world, it’s amazing. We will have more investors and much more impact“adds Alicante Ramón Soria, player of Edmonton FC.Both Galán and Soria, two of the three Spanish soccer players of the CPL, believe that Atlético de Madrid will play an important role in the development of Canadian football, a sport that in recent years “is growing even above hockey“.” The next step is to increase the level of the league so that more talent can be developed in Canada. The 2026 World Cup will be played here and they are putting all possible means to be competitive when the event arrives, “reveals Soria. Galán, meanwhile, hopes that Atleti” shares his vision of football and brings his experience because there is a lot of room of improvement “.” Here things become very different from how we are used to in Europe or even Asia “, completes the Leonese, who reveals having received many calls in recent weeks due to his rojiblanco past:”All young people want to play at Atlético Ottawa because they consider it a great showcase“. As presupposed in any newly created championship, the CPL still has a long way to go. José Pedrosa Galán, who only turned 34 years ago, believes that “limiting the age of foreigners, as they are trying to do, is a mistake.” “I, who am an experienced player, I want to be valued for my performance and not for my ID“, completes the Leonese, who also asks for more freedom for the clubs when signing:” The league is involved in the type of players that each team wants to sign and that should not be so. Each entity should be free to sign the soccer player it deems appropriate. “Ramón Soria, for its part,” would structure more football. “” I would copy the example of grassroots football in Spain, both at the organizational level and at the methodology level. In Canada, most of the football leagues are private and do not depend on the federations, “adds Edmonton.Atlético de Madrid will also obtain benefits from its landing in Canada, “especially at the brand level,” Soria values. “The clubs have realized that internationalization is essential to increase revenues and for this you need to develop the brand abroad. I am sure that this movement assures you new followers and, at the same time, will increase the follow-up of LaLiga by the Canadians, “adds the Alicante. Galán, a canterano del Atleti, hopes that the arrival of his team to Ottawa will serve to” train footballers “:” They have physical and technical conditions, but they don’t work well from the base. “The Leonese, who wore rojiblanco 14 years ago, is” excited “about meeting the entity where he was trained. as a footballer. “He is one of the clubs that have marked me the most and crossing my path again makes me especially excited,” he says. The Alicante Ramón Soria plays in FC Edmonton.last_img read more

Oblak: “We are not going to let Liverpool do what he wants”

first_imgWhat would it mean to end the game with the goal to zero? “Each game is important to finish the goal to zero. And tomorrow we would surely be good for the return. Anything can happen and there is a possibility of any result. It is not worth thinking about what can happen but to make a match great, do your best and the result will come. “ Have you studied the trident of Liverpool: Mané, Salah and Firmino? “Yes, we have analyzed everything, but the three are very big players but they are not just them. Everyone who is on the field is incredibly good and in a good shape. I have to worry everyone, not just one. I’m analyzing Liverpool as a team, not just me but the whole team. We play against Liverpool not against a team that has three good individualities. They’re going to be dangerous. “Atleti concedes goals for a stationary ball: “The statistics do not lie. We are thinking that and doing it in the best possible way. I hope that tomorrow does not happen to us, what happened to us in Valencia, to fit the ball. If we are all focused we can do better.” Oblak was the Atlético player in charge of appearing before the media in the previous round of 16 Champions League match between the rojiblancos and Liverpool. The rojiblanco goalkeeper is aware of the power of the reds, but ensures that they will not lower their arms.With Liverpool comes Alisson, best goalkeeper in the world according to the awards: “I have no doubt that Alisson is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. I respect him a lot, but we will do everything to bother him and overcome him.”center_img What would you say to people who favor Liverpool? “I think that a team that in the last year has almost not lost is a favorite. But that does not mean that we lower our arms and let them do what they want. We want to make the best game of the season and get well alive around the corner. to do our best to face a team like Liverpool. “last_img read more

Larqué, Cinta and Calligaris, the staples of the First Iberdrola

first_imgWith 21 days on his boots, Patricia Larqué (Valencia), Rodriguez tape (Sporting de Huelva) and Viola Calligaris (Valencia) are the three players in the First Iberdrola who have played it all this season. In total 1,890 minutes in league matches, a figure that is approaching Auñón and Pilar García (Rayo Vallecano), who accumulated 1,880 and 1,871 minutes, respectively, Deportivo’s top scorer, Peke (1,856 minutes), Rocío Gálvez (1,853), from Levante, Nana (1,853), from Betis, or Ivana Andrés (1,846), I raised. The eleven of the indisputable in the present course of the First Iberdrola complete it Patri gavira (1,843 minutes) or Castelló (1,837), players from Granadilla and Sporting de Huelva. Patri Larqué is the starting goalkeeper for Rayo Vallecano. Zaragoza’s goal reached the Madrid team last summer from Zaragoza, team in which he was formed and to which he returned last season after a campaign at Santa Teresa. Player and coach, after having led several teams in Zaragoza and Badajoz, she is one of the goalkeepers of the season, after her great performance under the sticks of the redhead goal. His level even led him to receive a call from Jorge Vilda in a call for the Spanish Women’s National Team. and it has also been decisive for the good future of the Primera Iberdrola team. The Lightning is eighth in the highest Spanish category.For his part, Rodriguez tape is being one of the pillars of the Sporting de Huelva. The Huelva central, European champion with the Spanish Under-19 team in 2017, He is leaving a very good season with the Andalusians, who for now remain out of the descent. In the case of Viola Calligaris he has managed to take a step forward at Valencia. The Swiss is one of the players of the che team that leaves more lights than shadows in the midst of the results crisis. The team is on the decline and is fighting to save itself after more than a dozen matches without knowing victory.last_img read more

Rafa Nadal: “I don’t know if I train hard … but I do at home”

first_imgRafa Nadal continues serving the quarantine interval in Spain at his house in Porto Cristo along with his household ready for the enlargement of the coronavirus to return in Spain, the place there are already greater than 80,000 contaminated by the illness.Regardless of the restrictions, wherein we now have been in a position to see Nadal demonstrating his expertise within the kitchen and performing varied coaching workout routines, The Balearic continues along with his preparation to keep up his bodily tone at the second the competitors resumes on the ATP circuit.This Sunday Nadal revealed a photograph wherein he seems doing workout routines on a step machine together with the remark “At house we proceed. It’s important to keep energetic”, together with the hashtag #YoMeQuedoEnCasa in Spanish, Italian, French and English. Hard I don’t know … at house sure 👍🏻– Rafa Nadal (@RafaelNadal) March 29, 2020ATP echoed Nadal’s photograph including the remark “Somebody continues to be coaching hard at house”, to which Nadal humorously replied: “I don’t know hard … at house sure” Nadal eagerly awaits his return to the circuit as soon as the coronavirus pandemic nightmare ends.last_img read more

Pizzi: “Lautaro’s biotype is the one that best suits Barça”

first_imgYes, in reality the change is not just about entering the second half. It is a change of city, of companions, of styleâ and that comes from a team pressured by the descent and where the spaces are not very wide and happens to play next to the best in the world, on a very wide field and before 80,000 people all the games. Undoubtedly, there is always an adaptation period and this is done progressively and there are time frames because you usually arrive at the beginning of the season, with the preseason, but in this case it was all very fast; it’s very complicated. I have not had the opportunity to witness the last matches of Barcelona, ​​but what I saw on television I saw that he entered with a lot of energy, with a very good attitude, and it seems to me that little by little he will be receiving the recognition of the people, which will give you confidence and from there we hope you can perform.How do you remember that your 1996 European Championship with Javier Clemente? Do you think that Spain deserved more or that it lacked a bit of luck and served as a turning point?Yes. That selection process under Javi’s leadership was very positive. The classification for the Eurocup and for the World Cup was achieved with many dates in advance; If I remember correctly, we were about 30 or 32 unbeaten matches prior to the 98 World Cup. A very broad roster of players had been consolidated in which each one knew their role and where coexistence was very healthy. There were top-notch footballers such as Hierro, Zubi, Rafa Alkorta, Pep, Luis Enriqueâ Unfortunately we lacked that fortune first in the Euro Cup and then in the World Cup.He won the Copa América with Chile. Arturo Vidal is always a fixture. Do you think that role of revulsive is ideal for him?I was lucky to work for two years with Arturo and I know the mentality he has, which I think is his main capital as a soccer player. He is a born winner; a very supportive team worker with a very large physical display, has a very positive attitude. It seems to me that for the Barcelona team, although he does not have the DNA of the footballer of the lower Barcelona, ​​I think that his physical and technical characteristics complement the group of players in the Barcelona squad very well. I said it when he signed, which was a success, he was an important player for any team because of everything I said. Although he has not established himself as an undisputed starter in the lineups, when he has been claimed to perform, he has had good performances.He went through Valencia CF. How do you rate the work of Albert Celades?I think Valencia is among the four or five most important teams in the League. He has won titles, be it League or Cup, he has won international titles, he has played many finalsâ history makes us consider him one of the four or five most important. What is certain is that after the change of owners or shareholders in the last stage it has had some ups and downs, although they have been in some positive aspects, but it has lost some of the identity that Valencians had about the club. Marcelino’s departure was not very clear, but I think Celades had the temperance to amalgamate and with calm, seriousness and respect positioning himself in a place where it was very difficult because Marcelino’s stage I think was quite positive and make a change when You have identification of people, players and journalism is complicated, and more for a coach who also had no experience at the First Division level. I think Albert has achieved that based on his character and his calmness and has been able, at least, to give him that transition that is always necessary when there is a sudden change.In the last hours there is a lot of talk about the economic situation of the clubs, with reductions in the players’ salaries. How do you see this situation?First, that this is an unexpected, worldwide situation, and that it will surely harm us all, not just footballers. Let us know that we are going to have to make an effort. It is also true that, within the different environments of life, there are different situations. It is not the same to say that footballers from Madrid, Barcelona or Liverpool, among others, the greats, have to lower their salaries by 20 or 30% because the clubs cannot pay, to do it with other clubs or players in another situation; Not everyone is lucky enough to win a lot of money like it is on big teams. In the same way that I say this, I say that not all activities have the same possibilities of generating what is generated in the big soccer leagues. You have to study it well. It seems to me that you do not have to be demagogic, you have to be aware of the situation we are experiencing and be in solidarity with everyone. And above all, manage it well, because this situation lends itself to misunderstandings and that is very harmful for those of us who want to show solidarity. Juan Antonio Pizzi (Santa Fe, Argentina, 1968) was Pichichi and Golden Boot in the 95-96 season. He signed 31 goals. He shared that award with Alan Shearer. Pizzi was a stem 9. Successful coach in the selection of Chile and with San Lorenzo de Almagro, lives these days confined waiting for the end of the pandemic. And watch out for new challenges on the bench. As a kid he noticed Jurgen Klinsmann. In an extensive interview with the EFE Agency, Pizzi dissects the center forward market, praises Lautaro, ponders the leadership of Luis Suarez, analyze Haaland and highlights the determination of Braithwaite.Talking to you and not talking about ‘nines’ would be strange. He could summarize the evolution of the center forward from his time as a player.Actually there are several positions that have undergone an evolution, in my opinion, for the better. For example, with the goalkeeper, with the qualities that a goalkeeper must have. With the wings and their projection and offensive ambition they have to have, and also with the center forward. In ‘9’ there has been a radical change, with more complete, skilled players, with qualities to associate and participate in the football circuit, both in completion and development. I think it has also been seen in England, which has been characterized by having rather big forwards, strong and with good aerial play, now they are looking for a little more dynamics and association. It is one of the evolutions that soccer has had and that, for me, has empowered the teams.Who were your reference ‘9s’?When I started to play more or less continuously, I really highlighted the game of Jürgen Klinsmann in Germany, I saw it with everything that I thought I could approach or copy, due to its physical characteristics and its movements. Later it evolved, but if I have to choose a ‘9’ to look for references, it would undoubtedly be KlinsmannTwo proper current names. One is Haaland, who is a revelation in European football with Borussia from Dortmund. What perception do you have of him?I think he is a very good footballer, not a project anymore. With a level to stand out in any of the leagues, but I think you have to consider that the German league has a different style from the Italian one, fundamentally, and also from the Spanish one. You have to see how it could be adapted to those situations. But he undoubtedly has great, very great potential as a footballer.The other is Lautaro Martínez, whom he knows perfectly and whom the environment of FC Barcelona places him as a star signing next season. What impression does Lautaro and its evolution give you?First, the prototype of the change of the center forward can be reflected in Agüero and also this boy, Lautaro, who has already demonstrated the qualities he has in Argentina, in Rácing and in the national team. I think he is the ideal player, the biotype he has as a footballer is the one that best suits Barcelona. It also has an advantage and it is that it has performed and had a very high level in the Italian league, which for me is one of the most competitive in the world; Any footballer who excels in the Italian league sees him trained to excel in any league in the world.Luis Suarez. Uruguayan. The great partner of Leo Messi. Has your absence taken away too much power from FC Barcelona?Not only is it noted by the football absence, what I also want to highlight about Suárez is that he sees himself as a leading person, exercising authority on the field and a commitment that is contagious towards his teammates and that brings out greater potential for the players. that are around him, mainly Messi. Unfortunately, this injury has prevented Barcelona from maintaining that line of play that he had demonstrated when he was there and hopefully when he returns he will come with the energy and physical and soccer condition that will allow him to demonstrate once again that he is fit to be the ‘9’ of Barcelona.You who know the dynamics of Barcelona very well, tell me what perception you have of Braithwaite, recently signed from Leganés in the winter market …last_img read more

Aperribay: “We already thought last night that we had to call CSD and explain ourselves”

first_img📻⚽️ Jokin Aperribay, in @The spar “It would be a shame if the final of the Copa del Rey was without an audience”“We will do what UEFA says”“The RFEF is going to try to play with the public”“If it is in August, I prefer to play in Bilbao or San Sebastián than in Seville, without a doubt”– El Larguero (@ellarguero) April 12, 2020“It would be a shame if the Cup final was without an audience”On the possibility of playing the Cup final behind closed doors, the president said that “there will be decisions that we will not make, the health authorities will do it, it will be an event. It will depend a lot on how people can mobilize. The FEF or LaLiga will not decide, the authorities will. And closed door yes or no, the same. I am looking forward to playing the remainder of the season between June and July. It would be a shame to play it without an audience. I think the FEF will try to make it public. About the venue, we have to comment on it and look at it from all points of view. “ The president of the Royal Society spoke at the BE on the controversy that has been generated after the possible return to work of the Royal. “We have rectified with all the love in the world because we did not want to violate sanitary measures. We have not done it with malicious intent. We were not looking for anything twisted. I thank the Secretary of State for her kindness. We understood that since the establishment was not open to the public, it would be possible, “he said.The president clarified the method he had in mind: “The players are doing a great job at home alone, because we thought they could also do it on the field. They move one by one in their car, without a coach, just to make a career. It was something voluntary. We did not intend to start group training, but rather more moderate. ““Yesterday we already thought that the players could not go to train Zubieta. We were thinking last night that we had to call CSD and explain. The idea was not to recover the collective training. If the decree of essential activities had not come out, we would have proposed it earlier. If we enabled Zubieta with spaces and absolute guarantee, the players were going to do their job better. There was no more left. When we read the decree, we interpret it and ask ourselves who can enter. In the annex it tells you which establishments can and cannot be opened. Under the Royal Decree, it was possible to go to our workplace, but with the application of essential measures, no. We speak with Irene Lozano. We sought to promote individual work thinking that professionals could go to their workplace. Nothing else”.last_img read more

Berrettini: “Does it help tennis players? Better families and hospitals”

first_img“I favor to help in additional complicated conditions, comparable to a hospital, a household in want, moderately than a tennis participant, even when there are a lot of gamers who want help and enter purple numbers. The undertaking is a really optimistic factor for tennis and reveals that the gamers additionally care about their colleagues from behind, “mentioned Berrettini in La Gazzetta dello Sport on the monetary assist plan for the gamers on the circuit promoted by Novak Djokovic.Lastly, the Italian was skeptical in regards to the return of tennis, though he confirmed that it will probably be on show in Florida subsequent Might: “Is the 2020 season over? I hope not, however I’ve massive doubts. I’m about to play, however the backside line now could be to cease the virus and then begin once more with regular tennis. I don’t assume restarting tournaments is price it, however it’s science that has to inform us. “ Two weeks in the past, Dominic Thiem He was criticized for some statements by which he said that he didn’t agree with the monetary assist to tennis gamers, particularly for many who aren’t professionals. “I favor to offer it to folks or establishments that basically want it”, the Austrian defined. Effectively, now the Italian Matteo Berrettini he appears to hitch this stream of opinion as his newest statements present.last_img read more