The cost of Champs

first_imgAs the island awaits the start of another Inter-Secondary School Sports Association (ISSA)-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletic Championships, the question being posed is: what is the real cost of Champs? In January, the old boys’ associations of three of the biggest schools which participate in the annual event Calabar High, Jamaica College (JC), and Kingston College (KC) told The Gleaner that collectively they spend an average of $45 million each year preparing their respective athletes for the five-day championships. Manager of the JC team Ian Forbes, when asked how much his school spent on preparing a team for Championships responded: “To prepare a team properly, you would be talking in the range of $4 to 6 million.” When pressed further, he added that that amount would have been spent in only the final three to four months before the actual event. He added that the figure could go much higher. The all boys’ school has a team of 65 participating in Champs this week, down from a pool of more than 90. “If you look back to last July, last August, it’s not inconceivable. It could be in that neighbourhood ($15 million) actually. I was looking at the last three to four months,” Forbes said. “There are a number of things to be factored – nutrition, you have to pay coaches, there is medical, the feeding programme, transportation extra lessons for the boys because the boys spend such a lot of time practicing so you have to make it up somehow,” he added. Excelsior High School’s head coach David Riley, whose school runs a much smaller programme of approximately 80, split into boys’ and girls’ teams, said this week alone, his school will spend $1 million. Riley also noted that many of the facilities which other schools would have to pay for are already housed on Excelsior’s Mountain View Avenue campus, such as kitchen and boarding, which significantly reduces costs. “All costs of accommodations that other teams would incur, we have here, so we save ourselves that. And this year we are not buying new gear like, we did last year,” he added. Riley, a former head coach of Wolmer’s Boys’ School, said that while he was at the Heroes Circle-based school, the hotel bill for accommodation for Champs week alone was $600,000. “And that was for 40 people,” said Riley. This year, Champs’ title sponsors, GraceKennedy, invested $81 million into the event, a figure which represents less than one third of the amount JC spends in the course of a year to prepare its team. More than 200 boys’ and girls’ teams combined participate in championships. ISSA President Dr Walton Small said while some of the profits made from the Championships back to the schools, it is nowhere near the amount being spent. “Champs is not just about Champs. Champs is about ISSA,” he said, adding that the money ISSA makes from Champs helps to run the body’s other programmes. “To run the football programme is taking us well over $30 million or more than that, and that is just for the senior team. The Under-16 and Under-14, just the uniforms alone cost $19 million. The principals understand and the principals know that this is the main event we use to garner funds to run other sports. “Yes, we could give back more to the schools back more, but at what cost? Is it that we are going to ignore badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis, basketball, hockey, swimming? “We can’t do that. Plus we have a staff to pay and, therefore, a lot of the money from Champs goes back to those,” Small said. Meanwhile, Forbes said while the financial return to the school may not be immediately visible, there are other benefits which come from the investment. “There is the opportunity to provide for the athletes to get scholarships and professional contracts. It helps their whole programme from a marketing perspective. Everybody loves a winner, and when you win, good things flow. The stakeholders are happier, and when they are happier, they contribute more, so it’s a ripple effect,” he said.last_img read more

The Educational Crisis Now at Boiling Point, Threatening the Peace

first_imgPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf must know that the education crisis sparked by the so-called “outsourcing” of the nation’s school system, has now reached boiling point, seriously threatening the nation’s fragile peace.The threat to peace started several months ago when Education Minister George Werner and his brand new team at the Education Ministry decided, with presidential concurrence, to outsource certain parts of the nation’s education system to private “for profit” companies, Bridge International Academies (BIA) and Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL). This decision appears to have been unilateral, for clearly, it did not include key stakeholders, such as the High Schools Principals Association (HSPA), and even more critically, the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL), which has been in existence even before the advent of the Tubman administration. The NTAL was established in 1938, 78 years ago!When the decision to outsource education was first announced, this newspaper wondered who Minister Werner had consulted before embarking on such an unprecedented, even perilous path. We openly opposed the outsourcing decision and predicted that it would do more harm than good. We urged the government NOT to proceed with it. Failure to listen, however, led to a blind acquiescence to Minister Werner’s decision.Now here we are, at a time when the administration and the entire nation should be focusing on the final, most important remaining task of this government—to organize the successful holding of the 2017 presidential elections—the nation is now embroiled in a totally unnecessary educational crisis, which is seriously threatening our fragile peace.It is unnecessary to stress the importance of the forthcoming elections because everyone knows how serious they are. For the first time in a very long time there will be a vacancy in the Liberian presidency. Why?Because in 2011 the sitting President, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was running for re-election, so technically there was no vacancy. In 2005, Mr. Charles Gyude Bryant was the sitting Head of State as Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL). So those elections were held under his watch.In the 1997 presidential elections, there was a sitting Interim President, Madam Ruth Perry. During the 1985 elections a military dictator, Head of State Samuel K. Doe, was firmly in charge of the government. This military dictatorship started when the sitting President, Dr. William R. Tolbert, elected in 1975, was killed in a military coup d’état on April 12, 1980.President William V.S. Tubman came into office in January 1944 after being elected in 1943 following the voluntary retirement of President Edwin J. Barclay. So it was Edwin Barclay who steered those elections that year that ushered Tubman into office. That was exactly 73 years ago. That is why the coming 2017 elections are so crucial. For the first time in 74 years (in 2017) there will be no sitting president. After January 16, 2018 Ellen will automatically not be able to stay one more day in office. So we must elect her successor in October 2017, setting the stage for the first smooth presidential transfer of power in Liberia in 75 years. The ordinary Liberian person on the street will ask, “75 years da small tin?” No, it is not! And in this we cannot fail, lest we provoke not only a constitutional crisis, but a serious threat to our peace. We here invoke a line from the Liberian National Anthem, “With God above our rights to prove, We will o’er all prevail.”So now is not the time to indulge in confusion of any kind in our country. There is too much to do; too much at stake for us to fool around with anything.That is why it is most unfortunate that the President, immediately upon her return from foreign travel, without asking a single question or holding a single consultation—not with the teachers, not with the students—proceeded to take such rash actions, in an ill-advised attempt to embolden her Education Minister, by taking stern action against the protesting teachers and students.We must here make it crystal clear that we think the students were patently wrong in blocking the Robertsfield highway and threatening the economy by stopping international travelers from traveling. They were also wrong for engaging in violence. These students have forgotten what happened to the Nimba students who attacked ArcelorMittal Liberia two years ago. Even so, we here commend the new Police Director, Gregory Coleman, who acted much more maturely by calling for talks between all the parties, toward a peaceful resolution of the crisis. This is indeed all we need right now, not fighting fire with fire and igniting an even more flammable conflagration. “O History!” Edwin Barclay cried in his immortal poem, Human Greatness, cautioning against repeating history. Surely Ellen is not asking, as did President Tolbert and Justice Minister Oliver Bright, for another April 14.We think it is not too late for the President to call the teachers and students, separately, in an attempt to resolve this crisis. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Israeli strike inside Syria reignites debate over nuclear ambitions

first_imgWASHINGTON – U.S. concerns about ties between Syria and North Korea have long focused on a partnership involving missiles and missile technology. Even many hawks within the Bush administration have expressed doubts that the Syrians have the money or technical depth to build a serious nuclear program like the one in Iran. But the Sept. 6 Israeli airstrike inside Syria has reignited debate over whether the Syrians are trying to overcome past obstacles by starting their own small nuclear program, or by trying to buy nuclear components from an outside supplier. It is a particularly difficult question for U.S. spy agencies, which are still smarting from the huge prewar misjudgments made about the status of Iraq’s weapons programs. U.S. officials are now sorting through what they say are Israel’s private claims that what their jets struck was tied to nuclear weapons activity, not merely to missile production. So far, U.S. officials have been extremely cautious about endorsing the Israeli conclusion. Syria’s efforts to bolster its missile arsenal have been a source of worry for Israel for years, especially given Syria’s track record of arming Hezbollah fighters when they clash with Israeli troops. During the summer of 2006, Hezbollah, the militant Shiite group, rained hundreds of missiles on targets inside Israel from Lebanon, surprising Israeli officials with the sophistication of its arsenal. And North Korean engineers are long believed to have helped Syria develop a sophisticated class of Scud missiles that have a longer range and are more accurate than earlier versions. According to, a defense research organization, North Korea has helped Syria develop the Scud-D missile, with a range of about 435 miles. Whether Syria is actively pursuing a nuclear program has been the subject of fierce debate in Washington for several years. The dispute was at the center of the fight in 2005 over the nomination of John R. Bolton to become ambassador to the United Nations. At the time, several intelligence officials said they had clashed in 2002 and 2003 with Bolton, then an undersecretary of state, about the extent of Syria’s unconventional weapons programs. According to the officials, Bolton wanted to include information in a public speech about a Syrian nuclear program that could not be corroborated by intelligence agencies. In recent interviews, Bolton has suggested that the Israeli strike may have vindicated his view. Yet that is hard to assess, since whatever information a few senior officials in Washington and Jerusalem possess has been so restricted that two senior Asian diplomats, representing close U.S. allies who are frequently updated on North Korea, said late this week that they had received no useful information from their U.S. counterparts. On Thursday, President George W. Bush declined three times to shed any light on the Israeli strike, although he did repeat a warning to North Korea. It is unclear to what extent the secrecy about the Israeli strike has been motivated by U.S. doubts about the intelligence or by an effort to protect sources and classified information. But U.S. officials are now looking at the possibility that the Syrians saw an opportunity to buy some of the basic components of a nuclear program on the cheap, perhaps because North Korea is trying to get elements of its nuclear program out of the country to meet deadlines in an agreement with Washington.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Picture Special: Country music legends show their love for Letterkenny

first_imgSome of the biggest names in Irish Country performed at Jamboree in the Park over the weekend – Donegal’s first event of its kind.The event was a huge success and was organised in partnership with a number of groups including Go Visit Letterkenny.A beautiful sunny evening provided a warm atmosphere for county fans to do some jiving and sing along to their favourite artists. Some of the musicians who took to the stage last weekend took a moment to show their support to their host town including Nathan Carter, Jake Carter, Mike Denver, Cliona Hagan and The Logues.Picture Special: Country music legends show their love for Letterkenny was last modified: May 23rd, 2017 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Country musicgo visit letterkennyjamboree in the parkNathan Carterlast_img read more


first_imgHugh Gallagher in action in Chicago.The 2015 ITU World Triathlon Championships took place in Chicago from the 15th – 19th September on the banks of Lake Michigan, where 6,500 triathletes from 62 countries competed in the climax to their sporting season.Ireland was represented by a 38 strong team who competed against the best triathletes in the World.The Letterkenny 24/7 Triathlon Club was represented by Hugh Gallagher, Donagh O’ Sullivan and George Rahmani. Hugh and Donagh competed in the Olympic distance race comprising of a 1.5k swim, 40k cycle and 10k run, while George competed in the Sprint distance race, 750m swim, 20km cycle and 5k run, which he finished in a time of 1:26:24.Donagh O’Sullivan gets a well-deserved rub-dwn after the event.For the Olympic race, the swim course began in Monroe Harbour on Lake Michigan where the competitors swam north for 300metres before rounding a buoy and swimming south for 1200 metres. Following a 600 metre run to transition competitors then cycled along Columbas Drive before heading sub-terranean into the motorway tunnels around Chicago, completing a 2 loop 40 kilometre course. The run course also followed Columbas Drive where competitors rounded the Buckingham fountain past the grandstands for 3 loops, normally a 10k run, it was extended to 10.8km to accommodate the larger crowds as some events were cancelled the day before due to thunder and lightening.“I had a solid cycle, some of the course was very technical, having no wind in the tunnels made up for it and I was delighted with an average speed of 40.7 km/h. ‘’It was tough running in 28 degrees but I held my focus for the entire run and completed it with a sprint finish against a Mexican triathlete, which I made a point of winning. I had a run time of 41:44, which put me sub 39 minutes for the 10km, so I’m pretty happy with that’. The large Irish crowd of supporters were amazing, they gave a mental lift to the Irish triathletes when we had to dig really deep” commented Gallagher.Gallagher is on his bike.Gallagher ended his season on a high and his strong performance meant he finished in 56th in the 40-44 age group in a time of 2:12:43, an excellent result against the best triathletes in the world.Donagh O’ Sullivan’s hard work in the pool over the winter paid off with a strong swim in Chicago, a typical solid bike performance and his strongest run of the year, giving a finishing time of 2:16:41. “It’s been 11 months of hard training, we’re both delighted with our performances and obviously very proud to be representing our country. It’s also a huge source of pride for us to be representing our club, our local communities and County Donegal. A huge thank you has to go to our supportive wife’s Amanda and Julie and of course our kids,” stated O’Sullivan.DONEGAL ATHLETES PERFORM SUPERBLY AT WORLD TRIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS was last modified: September 29th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Donegal to host annual Alcoholics Anonymous convention this weekend

first_imgDonegal’s Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is holding its annual convention at the Mount Errigal Hotel from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October.The purpose of the convention is to carry the message of recovery to alcoholics who are members of AA and to those who may have a drinking problem. Al-Anon will also be in attendance.It gives members of the fellowship an opportunity to share their combined experiences, to renew old acquaintances and to make new friends. An open public meeting will take place on Friday 11th October at 8:00pm which is for people who are concerned about their own drinking or the drinking behaviour of someone else (i.e. sibling, husband, wife, work colleague, friend etc…).AA is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership – it is self-supporting through members own contributions. AA’s primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.Attendees can buy a two night B&B stay in the Mount Errigal Hotel with one evening meal for €150pp. Contact 07491227000 for more info.  Advertisement  Donegal to host annual Alcoholics Anonymous convention this weekend was last modified: October 10th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

USDA announces January margin triggers first 2019 dairy safety net payment

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) announced that the January 2019 income over feed cost margin was $7.99 per hundredweight, triggering the first payment for eligible dairy producers who purchase the appropriate level of coverage under the new but yet-to-be established Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program.DMC, which replaces the Margin Protection Program for Dairy, is a voluntary risk management program for dairy producers that was authorized by the 2018 Farm Bill. DMC offers protection to dairy producers when the difference between the all milk price and the average feed cost (the margin) falls below a certain dollar amount selected by the producer.Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced that sign up for DMC will open by mid-June of this year. At the time of sign up, producers who elect a DMC coverage level between $8.00 and $9.50 would be eligible for a payment for January 2019.For example, a dairy operation with an established production history of 3 million pounds (30,000 cwt.) that elects the $9.50 coverage level for 50% of its production could potentially be eligible to receive $1,887.50 for January.Sample calculation:$9.50 – $7.99 margin = $1.51 difference$1.51 times 50% of production times 2,500 cwt. (30,000 cwt./12) = $1,887.50The calculated annual premium for coverage at $9.50 on 50% of a 3-million-pound production history for this example would be $2,250.Sample calculation:3,000,000 times 50% = 1,500,000/100 = 15,000 cwt. times 0.150 premium fee = $2,250Operations making a one-time election to participate in DMC through 2023 are eligible to receive a 25% discount on their premium for the existing margin coverage rates.“Congress created the Dairy Margin Coverage program to provide an important financial safety net for dairy producers, helping them weather shifting milk and feed prices,” said Richard Fordyce, FSA Administrator. “This program builds on the previous Margin Protection Program for Dairy, carrying forward many of the program upgrades made last year based on feedback from producers. We’re working diligently to implement the DMC program and other FSA programs authorized by the 2018 Farm Bill.”Additional details about DMC and other FSA farm bill program changes can be found at read more

10 Business Intelligence Tools for the iPad

first_imgCognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… QlikTech is another well established BI vendor that was quick to market with an iPad app for its flagship BI product QlikView. Roambi klint finley IT + Project Management: A Love Affair MicroStrategy, a well established BI vendor, launched its iPad app in July. Last month the company announced it would be rolling out additional ways to visualize data on iPads and other mobile devices, including a new product called MicroStrategy Transaction Services which will connect mobile devices with transactional systems.PushBIPushBI focuses on creating clients that push BI data to users. It augments existing BI tools. PushBI offers clients for desktop and mobile environments, including Windows, iOS and Android.QlikView Related Posts 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Tags:#enterprise#mobile Like PushBI, Roambi offers tools to help enterprises mobilize existing BI reports, and has some of the slickest looking data visualizations available. Roambi partnered with SAP to provide smooth integration between Roambi and SAP and Carbon Disclosure. It can visualize data from several other sources as well, including Crystal Reports, Excel and TIBCO SpotfireTIBCO is a leader in real-time intelligence for financial services. TIBCO released an iPad app for its BI application Spotfire last November.YellowfinYellowfin is a business intelligence vendor that was founded in 2003. One of its distinguishing features is its GIS integration for location intelligence. It released its iPad app in November.Non-Native Support for the iPadSeveral cloud-based BI vendors offer support for the iPad versinon of Safari, including:JackBeJaspersoftSAP Business by DesignTableauRoll Your OwnBitzer Mobile, LeapFactor and Webalo all offer tools for mobilizing existing enterprise applications. For more information, see our articles 5 New Tools for Building Mobile Enterprise Apps and 3 More Ways to Mobilize Enterprise Applications. Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Gartner predicts that by 2013, 33% of business intelligence functionality will be consumed on mobile devices. And it seems that these sort of forecasts are usually over-aggressive, our commenters seem to agree that Gartner’s forecast is a bit too modest. BI going mobile quickly, and tablets are leading that movement.Here are 10 BI apps that support the iPad right now. Some are existing BI products with iPad native apps, some are Web-based BI applications with iPad support and some are clients that can connect to your existing BI solutions.MicroStrategylast_img read more

Prakash Ambedkar should look beyond personal political gain, says Raju Shetti

first_imgAttributing his startling defeat in the Hatkanangale Lok Sabha constituency to Prakash Ambedkar’s Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA), Swabhimani Paksha chief Raju Shetti on Monday said that vital issues affecting farmers and their future were all swept aside in the recently concluded general election.He further urged Mr. Ambedkar, whose front severely undercut the chances of the NCP-Congress and their allies in this Parliamentary election, to look “beyond personal political gain” in the upcoming Maharashtra Assembly election to be held later this year.“I concur with Mr. Ambedkar’s sentiments about the need to fight Mr. Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in order to save the Constitution. But if that indeed was his intent, then why is it today that his vote-splitting tactics have ended up benefitting the BJP-Sena in Maharashtra?” Mr. Shetti said, speaking toThe Hindu.A two-time MP from Hatkanangale in Kolhapur, Mr. Shetti, who secured 4.87 lakhs votes, lost to the Shiv Sena’s Dhairyasheel Mane (who polled 5.82 lakh votes) by a margin of 96,000 votes in what turned out to be one of the biggest upsets in the State and certainly the biggest in the ‘sugar heartland’ of western Maharashtra.The key factor here proved to be the VBA’s presence, with its candidate Sayyad Aslam securing 1.23 lakh votes and thus depriving Mr. Shetti, an important farmers’ leader, of the crucial support of the backward castes.Mr. Shetti, who severed ties with the BJP-led NDA in 2017, observed that the VBA’s candidates, by cannibalising the Congress-NCP’s traditional vote bases had indirectly helped the BJP-Sena to win on at least eight or nine crucial Lok Sabha seats including Hatkanangale.The VBA’s candidate Gopichand Padalkar also played spoilsport to the Swabhimani Paksha’s Vishal Patil in the Sangli Lok Sabha seat. Mr. Shetti’s loss is being viewed by his supporters and well-wishers as being detrimental to the interests of the farmers as they have now lost an ‘authentic’ farmers leader in the Parliament who could take up their cause. “A number of factors contributed to my defeat, not least the entry of the VBA which only queered my pitch and benefited the BJP. The other factor was that while the farmers in this region voted for me, their children veered towards Mr. Modi, chiefly owing to the aura of hyper-patriotism conjured by the PM and the BJP, post the Balakot airstrikes,” said Mr. Shetti.He, however, stressed that while he had lost an election, he was far from not defeated and that he would resolutely continue to fight for farmers and address their problems.He said his immediate objective was to ameliorate the plight of the farmers and their families in the drought-afflicted hinterland.“I am going to visit every fodder camp in the State and take stock of the situation. This government [BJP-Sena] was not sensitive about farmers’ issues in the past and will be even more apathetic in the coming term, now that they have secured absolute majority. The reports of a deficient rainfall this time means that farmers’ problems will only multiply and they will have a hard time securing fair prices for their produce,” Mr. Shetti said.Some observers opine that Mr. Shetti’s alliance with Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Congress cost him the Hatkanangale seat as he was, until recently, the avowed nemesis of Mr. Pawar and the ‘sugar lobby’ in western Maharashtra headed by NCP and Congress politicos.But Swabhimani Paksha leaders and workers attribute Mr. Shetti’s defeat to the fact that the Hatkanangale seat was fought on caste factors.“The BJP and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) indulged in vicious campaigning, particularly on social media. Right from spreading canards that Mr. Shetti was partial towards the Jain community in the Sangli-Kolhapur belt to projecting him as an ‘arrogant’ and ‘privileged’ leader, they completely diverted issues plaguing farmers,” said Swabhimani Paksha leader Anil Pawar.Mr. Pawar further said that despite the Swabhimani Paksha having a stronger ground-level organisation owing to Mr. Shetti’s origins as a grassroots leader, the BJP shrewdly manoeuvred the campaign with their ‘negative’ propaganda of Mr. Shetti via social media. “In the end, the Hatkanangale contest witnessed something unprecedented in the past 15 years in that it was fought entirely on caste lines and not on farmers’ issues,” said Mr. Shetti.He further said that Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) should be accommodated into the Congress-NCP coalition and that he would be meeting MNS chief on Tuesday to discuss preparations for the Assembly elections.last_img read more

Quartermiler Anjali Devi Cleared by AFI for World Championships After Confirmatory Trial

first_img Anjali DeviAthletics Federation of IndiaWorld Athletics Championships First Published: September 21, 2019, 11:24 PM IST Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. New Delhi: Quarter-miler Anjali Devi, the fastest Indian woman in 400m this season, was on Saturday cleared to take part in the World Championships in Doha starting on September 27 after she ran in a confirmatory trial here.Anjali was one of the few Indian athletes who crossed the qualifying mark for the World Championships but she was told by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) to appear for a confirmatory trial as she was not in the national camp for some time. The 21-year-old Haryana athlete was not included in the initial 25-member Indian squad announced on September 9 but she figured in the provisional list of entries issued by the world governing body IAAF on September 19 (pending the confirmatory trial).She ran in the confirmatory trial at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here which was lashed by rain on Saturday. She clocked 52.30 seconds while Jisna Mathew and V Revathi had timings of 53.05 and 57.59. Mathew and Revathi have already been named in the Indian team for 4x400m relay.”Anjali has been cleared by the AFI selection committee, she will take part in the World Championships,” an AFI source told PTI on condition of anonymity.Anjali is the fastest Indian in 400m this season as world junior champion Hima Das, who has been ruled out of the World Championships, has been struggling with a lower back injury.She was part of the Indian team that had Spala (Poland) as its training base but returned home to get her ankle attended to.Anjali qualified for the World Championships as early as September last year with a 51.79 second effort in the National Open Athletics Championships in Bhubaneswar. She bettered it with a personal best 51.53 to win gold in the National Inter-State Championships in Lucknow last month.The World Championships qualifying standard for women’s 400m is 51.80 seconds and Anjali was the lone Indian to have crossed the mark in Lucknow.India will be represented by 27 athletes in the September 27 to October 6 World Championships. last_img read more