Age you officially stop looking young and youthful revealed – and it’s quite depressing

first_imgApparently not everyone believes that life begins at thirty…Anti-ageing products are seriously big business.By 2021, the industry which peddles us lotions, potions, serums and supplements all promising to slow down nature will be worth $216.52 billion.But what if you knew there was in fact an age when you officially stop looking “young”?Would you put down the nightingale poo-infused night cream, stress less and just let nature run its course ?Dirty thirty.Your twenties tend to be one of the most carefree periods of your life.Your skin has an almost magical elasticity, your eyes are bright, your metabolism tends to be on your side and hangover s are a mere inconvenience.But all good things must come to an end.As it turns out, the age we all officially begin to look old is 30.Brits see 30 as the age when you no longer fall into the young category according to a recent YouGov survey.YouGov summed it up as: “Once a person has reached the age of 30, the majority of Brits no longer consider them to be young.”As for what follows, this is up for debate.While pretty much everyone in their thirties (and probably forties) would bristle at being described as “middle aged”, some studies have said middle age does indeed begin in your mid thirties.Reassurance comes from the Oxford English Dictionary, who state middle age is between 45 and 65.So, there you go – just one more reason to dread leaving your youthful twenties behind you.Sourcelast_img

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