Reasons Why You Should NEVER Chase After A Guy

first_imgIT’S BAD FOR YOUR SELF-ESTEEMChasing after a guy who isn’t noticing you makes you feel like you’re not good enough and is a major blow for your self-confidence!IT’S EXHAUSTINGThe effort of texting, social media stalking and going round to his house is more tiring than you might think…BE REALISTICIf you have to chase him, we’re sorry to say it, but it looks like he’s just not that into you!IT WOULD NEVER WORK OUTEven if you did eventually ‘catch’ him, it’s unlikely that he’s the kind of guy that would be committed and it wouldn’t be a healthy relationship!HE’S CLEARLY NOT WORTH ITDo you really want to be with a guy who keeps you on the chase and plays mind games anyway?YOU’RE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR HEARTBREAKThe more you chase him, the more you build up your feelings for him, making the rejection even more painful when it inevitably happens.MISSING OUT ON SOMETHING BETTERWhilst you’re chasing after a guy who’s clearly not The One, you could be missing out on other fun dating opportunities!YOU LOSE SIGHT OF YOURSELFObsessing over a guy and thinking about him 24/7 can mean that you forget about looking after yourself and having all important ‘me time’.THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN DATING!As well as forgetting about yourself, chasing after a guy can mean that you forget about your family, friends and work side of your life. Take a step back and put everything into perspective!IT CAN AFFECT YOUR FUTURE RELATIONSHIPSYou risk going go into future relationships thinking that all guys need to be chased. Well let us tell you ladies, a healthy relationship is based on mutual, not unrequited love!Sourcelast_img

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