#JaVotes2016: Disabled at risk of being disenfranchised

first_imgThe disabled and elderly in eastern St Thomas have been finding it challenging to cast their votes, as nothing has been put in place to facilitate them accessing the polling stations. One such voter, 80-year-old Zeris Baker, who was pushed in a wheelchair to Port Morant Primary and Junior High, which housed six polling stations, had to be lifted in order to cast her vote. “They could put up a ramp and make it a little easier for persons with disability to come out and vote. But a so wi get it, so we have to take it,” Baker, who almost fell as she tried to stand said. Baker, who has a heart condition, said she had not intended to come out and vote, but was convinced to do so. “Mi sick wid mi heart. Doctor say mi not to tired, vex or frighten out miself and if I can help it I muss not stress and mi alone not to be at home,” Baker revealed. “But my friends call me and said they were going to send a taxi for me and I said I couldn’t come, but they said they were sending it, so I came.” The Jamaica Labour Party’s Delano Seiveright is trying to wrestle the seat away from the People’s National Party’s Fenton Ferguson.last_img

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