Aperribay: “We already thought last night that we had to call CSD and explain ourselves”

first_img📻⚽️ Jokin Aperribay, in @The spar “It would be a shame if the final of the Copa del Rey was without an audience”“We will do what UEFA says”“The RFEF is going to try to play with the public”“If it is in August, I prefer to play in Bilbao or San Sebastián than in Seville, without a doubt” pic.twitter.com/FecWsxFFwv– El Larguero (@ellarguero) April 12, 2020“It would be a shame if the Cup final was without an audience”On the possibility of playing the Cup final behind closed doors, the president said that “there will be decisions that we will not make, the health authorities will do it, it will be an event. It will depend a lot on how people can mobilize. The FEF or LaLiga will not decide, the authorities will. And closed door yes or no, the same. I am looking forward to playing the remainder of the season between June and July. It would be a shame to play it without an audience. I think the FEF will try to make it public. About the venue, we have to comment on it and look at it from all points of view. “ The president of the Royal Society spoke at the BE on the controversy that has been generated after the possible return to work of the Royal. “We have rectified with all the love in the world because we did not want to violate sanitary measures. We have not done it with malicious intent. We were not looking for anything twisted. I thank the Secretary of State for her kindness. We understood that since the establishment was not open to the public, it would be possible, “he said.The president clarified the method he had in mind: “The players are doing a great job at home alone, because we thought they could also do it on the field. They move one by one in their car, without a coach, just to make a career. It was something voluntary. We did not intend to start group training, but rather more moderate. ““Yesterday we already thought that the players could not go to train Zubieta. We were thinking last night that we had to call CSD and explain. The idea was not to recover the collective training. If the decree of essential activities had not come out, we would have proposed it earlier. If we enabled Zubieta with spaces and absolute guarantee, the players were going to do their job better. There was no more left. When we read the decree, we interpret it and ask ourselves who can enter. In the annex it tells you which establishments can and cannot be opened. Under the Royal Decree, it was possible to go to our workplace, but with the application of essential measures, no. We speak with Irene Lozano. We sought to promote individual work thinking that professionals could go to their workplace. Nothing else”.last_img

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