Pizzi: “Lautaro’s biotype is the one that best suits Barça”

first_imgYes, in reality the change is not just about entering the second half. It is a change of city, of companions, of styleâ and that comes from a team pressured by the descent and where the spaces are not very wide and happens to play next to the best in the world, on a very wide field and before 80,000 people all the games. Undoubtedly, there is always an adaptation period and this is done progressively and there are time frames because you usually arrive at the beginning of the season, with the preseason, but in this case it was all very fast; it’s very complicated. I have not had the opportunity to witness the last matches of Barcelona, ​​but what I saw on television I saw that he entered with a lot of energy, with a very good attitude, and it seems to me that little by little he will be receiving the recognition of the people, which will give you confidence and from there we hope you can perform.How do you remember that your 1996 European Championship with Javier Clemente? Do you think that Spain deserved more or that it lacked a bit of luck and served as a turning point?Yes. That selection process under Javi’s leadership was very positive. The classification for the Eurocup and for the World Cup was achieved with many dates in advance; If I remember correctly, we were about 30 or 32 unbeaten matches prior to the 98 World Cup. A very broad roster of players had been consolidated in which each one knew their role and where coexistence was very healthy. There were top-notch footballers such as Hierro, Zubi, Rafa Alkorta, Pep, Luis Enriqueâ Unfortunately we lacked that fortune first in the Euro Cup and then in the World Cup.He won the Copa América with Chile. Arturo Vidal is always a fixture. Do you think that role of revulsive is ideal for him?I was lucky to work for two years with Arturo and I know the mentality he has, which I think is his main capital as a soccer player. He is a born winner; a very supportive team worker with a very large physical display, has a very positive attitude. It seems to me that for the Barcelona team, although he does not have the DNA of the footballer of the lower Barcelona, ​​I think that his physical and technical characteristics complement the group of players in the Barcelona squad very well. I said it when he signed, which was a success, he was an important player for any team because of everything I said. Although he has not established himself as an undisputed starter in the lineups, when he has been claimed to perform, he has had good performances.He went through Valencia CF. How do you rate the work of Albert Celades?I think Valencia is among the four or five most important teams in the League. He has won titles, be it League or Cup, he has won international titles, he has played many finalsâ history makes us consider him one of the four or five most important. What is certain is that after the change of owners or shareholders in the last stage it has had some ups and downs, although they have been in some positive aspects, but it has lost some of the identity that Valencians had about the club. Marcelino’s departure was not very clear, but I think Celades had the temperance to amalgamate and with calm, seriousness and respect positioning himself in a place where it was very difficult because Marcelino’s stage I think was quite positive and make a change when You have identification of people, players and journalism is complicated, and more for a coach who also had no experience at the First Division level. I think Albert has achieved that based on his character and his calmness and has been able, at least, to give him that transition that is always necessary when there is a sudden change.In the last hours there is a lot of talk about the economic situation of the clubs, with reductions in the players’ salaries. How do you see this situation?First, that this is an unexpected, worldwide situation, and that it will surely harm us all, not just footballers. Let us know that we are going to have to make an effort. It is also true that, within the different environments of life, there are different situations. It is not the same to say that footballers from Madrid, Barcelona or Liverpool, among others, the greats, have to lower their salaries by 20 or 30% because the clubs cannot pay, to do it with other clubs or players in another situation; Not everyone is lucky enough to win a lot of money like it is on big teams. In the same way that I say this, I say that not all activities have the same possibilities of generating what is generated in the big soccer leagues. You have to study it well. It seems to me that you do not have to be demagogic, you have to be aware of the situation we are experiencing and be in solidarity with everyone. And above all, manage it well, because this situation lends itself to misunderstandings and that is very harmful for those of us who want to show solidarity. Juan Antonio Pizzi (Santa Fe, Argentina, 1968) was Pichichi and Golden Boot in the 95-96 season. He signed 31 goals. He shared that award with Alan Shearer. Pizzi was a stem 9. Successful coach in the selection of Chile and with San Lorenzo de Almagro, lives these days confined waiting for the end of the pandemic. And watch out for new challenges on the bench. As a kid he noticed Jurgen Klinsmann. In an extensive interview with the EFE Agency, Pizzi dissects the center forward market, praises Lautaro, ponders the leadership of Luis Suarez, analyze Haaland and highlights the determination of Braithwaite.Talking to you and not talking about ‘nines’ would be strange. He could summarize the evolution of the center forward from his time as a player.Actually there are several positions that have undergone an evolution, in my opinion, for the better. For example, with the goalkeeper, with the qualities that a goalkeeper must have. With the wings and their projection and offensive ambition they have to have, and also with the center forward. In ‘9’ there has been a radical change, with more complete, skilled players, with qualities to associate and participate in the football circuit, both in completion and development. I think it has also been seen in England, which has been characterized by having rather big forwards, strong and with good aerial play, now they are looking for a little more dynamics and association. It is one of the evolutions that soccer has had and that, for me, has empowered the teams.Who were your reference ‘9s’?When I started to play more or less continuously, I really highlighted the game of Jürgen Klinsmann in Germany, I saw it with everything that I thought I could approach or copy, due to its physical characteristics and its movements. Later it evolved, but if I have to choose a ‘9’ to look for references, it would undoubtedly be KlinsmannTwo proper current names. One is Haaland, who is a revelation in European football with Borussia from Dortmund. What perception do you have of him?I think he is a very good footballer, not a project anymore. With a level to stand out in any of the leagues, but I think you have to consider that the German league has a different style from the Italian one, fundamentally, and also from the Spanish one. You have to see how it could be adapted to those situations. But he undoubtedly has great, very great potential as a footballer.The other is Lautaro Martínez, whom he knows perfectly and whom the environment of FC Barcelona places him as a star signing next season. What impression does Lautaro and its evolution give you?First, the prototype of the change of the center forward can be reflected in Agüero and also this boy, Lautaro, who has already demonstrated the qualities he has in Argentina, in Rácing and in the national team. I think he is the ideal player, the biotype he has as a footballer is the one that best suits Barcelona. It also has an advantage and it is that it has performed and had a very high level in the Italian league, which for me is one of the most competitive in the world; Any footballer who excels in the Italian league sees him trained to excel in any league in the world.Luis Suarez. Uruguayan. The great partner of Leo Messi. Has your absence taken away too much power from FC Barcelona?Not only is it noted by the football absence, what I also want to highlight about Suárez is that he sees himself as a leading person, exercising authority on the field and a commitment that is contagious towards his teammates and that brings out greater potential for the players. that are around him, mainly Messi. Unfortunately, this injury has prevented Barcelona from maintaining that line of play that he had demonstrated when he was there and hopefully when he returns he will come with the energy and physical and soccer condition that will allow him to demonstrate once again that he is fit to be the ‘9’ of Barcelona.You who know the dynamics of Barcelona very well, tell me what perception you have of Braithwaite, recently signed from Leganés in the winter market …last_img

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