Spaniards in Canada: “Ottawa has won the lottery with Atlético de Madrid”

first_imgAtlético Ottawa is already a reality. Atlético de Madrid reached an agreement for the acquisition of a license in the Canadian Premier League (CPL), which will start next April and in its second edition will feature eight participants. “For Ottawa, that the Atleti has chosen to have a franchise here is as if he had won the lottery. Everyone is talking about the same thing and it is obvious that their arrival will increase the impact of the championship, “José Pedrosa Galán tells AS, who was trained in the red and white quarry and is currently part of the Valour FC squad.” The league is He had proposed to expand at least with one club every year and get it thanks to Atlético de Madrid, one of the 10 best clubs in the world, it’s amazing. We will have more investors and much more impact“adds Alicante Ramón Soria, player of Edmonton FC.Both Galán and Soria, two of the three Spanish soccer players of the CPL, believe that Atlético de Madrid will play an important role in the development of Canadian football, a sport that in recent years “is growing even above hockey“.” The next step is to increase the level of the league so that more talent can be developed in Canada. The 2026 World Cup will be played here and they are putting all possible means to be competitive when the event arrives, “reveals Soria. Galán, meanwhile, hopes that Atleti” shares his vision of football and brings his experience because there is a lot of room of improvement “.” Here things become very different from how we are used to in Europe or even Asia “, completes the Leonese, who reveals having received many calls in recent weeks due to his rojiblanco past:”All young people want to play at Atlético Ottawa because they consider it a great showcase“. As presupposed in any newly created championship, the CPL still has a long way to go. José Pedrosa Galán, who only turned 34 years ago, believes that “limiting the age of foreigners, as they are trying to do, is a mistake.” “I, who am an experienced player, I want to be valued for my performance and not for my ID“, completes the Leonese, who also asks for more freedom for the clubs when signing:” The league is involved in the type of players that each team wants to sign and that should not be so. Each entity should be free to sign the soccer player it deems appropriate. “Ramón Soria, for its part,” would structure more football. “” I would copy the example of grassroots football in Spain, both at the organizational level and at the methodology level. In Canada, most of the football leagues are private and do not depend on the federations, “adds Edmonton.Atlético de Madrid will also obtain benefits from its landing in Canada, “especially at the brand level,” Soria values. “The clubs have realized that internationalization is essential to increase revenues and for this you need to develop the brand abroad. I am sure that this movement assures you new followers and, at the same time, will increase the follow-up of LaLiga by the Canadians, “adds the Alicante. Galán, a canterano del Atleti, hopes that the arrival of his team to Ottawa will serve to” train footballers “:” They have physical and technical conditions, but they don’t work well from the base. “The Leonese, who wore rojiblanco 14 years ago, is” excited “about meeting the entity where he was trained. as a footballer. “He is one of the clubs that have marked me the most and crossing my path again makes me especially excited,” he says. The Alicante Ramón Soria plays in FC Edmonton.last_img

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