Fran Fernández: “This Alcorcón wants more”

first_imgWhat can the last two signings, Perea and Mula, contribute to the team?Well, I think they can contribute a lot to the team. They are two kids that I think will fit very well in the workforce and come very hungry. Mula is going to bring us in the outside game, has an overflow and can add us to completion. Perea is very versatile and can give us different positions. In principle the two would arrive at the match against Numancia.They are two signings made in the early days of the Winter Market and I have the impression that they try to address very diagnostic needs by the coaching staff and the sports management.Yes, it is like that. We are very happy with the squad and the work of the team, but we thought we were somewhat short in some positions. With these movements I think we left the template almost closed. We had several conversations with the sports management and we wanted the additions to arrive soon to join the team as soon as possible since we have a very important January. They are also a profile of young soccer player and wanting to grow up that we wanted him to be with us.Do you consider the incorporation chapter closed? Everything that can be improved will be well received. But with these two signings and with the illusion that we have in the current template we cannot think of anything other than that the template is closed. I am happy with the template I have.Have you forgotten the anger of the game against Extremadura?The words I said in Extremadura have had a great impact. However, I just said something obvious, that there are players who have to give more level of what they are giving because they came to highlight and make a difference. It is time to react. We have the entire second round ahead.Which plot of the game gives you more headaches?We have gone through several phases. We started being very offensive but weak in defense. Little by little we have evolved and improved a lot in defense, but in attack we have room for improvement. Not only can we improve on the goal, in the definition, we have to be more decisive in attack.Keep growingWhat is true is that Alcorcón has competed in all matches.I think the only game we haven’t competed against is Zaragoza. I think that the last three games have been superior and we have generated, but we have not added victories. We need something else on the offensive plot.Are the next weeks decisive to see what the Alcorcón will fight at the end of the season?We are in a quiet situation, but with an eye on the backs that come very strong. We want more and we are working for it. I think we have to improve in everything and especially in home games. I am sure that we will continue to grow as a team.Are you worried that after seven games without winning, this situation affects the head of the players in some moments of the matches?Of course. We want to free the player and be calm and confident. We are creating occasions and competing. Every game is a world and I am very happy with the last matches except the last 20 minutes in Extremadura.I guess eager to give the fans a victory.You are right. Our hobby deserves much more. The time has come to not ask for more and give them to us. Take one more step for the fans to push us. We really want the three points to stay in Santo Domingo.What does the Numancia tell you?Knows how to adapt to each game and each situation. It fits little since it has a great defensive solidity. It is dangerous in offensive transition. They are very close and well worked. They will make it difficult for us. The Alcorcón does not go through its best moment of the season. Saying this is obvious. The potters do not know what it is to win in the last seven games, six in the League and one in the Cup that led to the elimination of the category. This next Wednesday the Numancia will measure the aspirations of an Alcorcón that needs to re-savor the three points. More in Santo Domingo. And it is that the first part of the season has been something strange for the potters. Accustomed to making Santo Domingo a fort, on that occasion, the team has only added eight points. However, far from home he is unbeaten and is the 3rd best visitor to the Smartbank League. In 13th position, with 28 points and in a quiet area, Alcorcón will try to take another step to be able to dream in the last part of the season. Of all this, the signings, the lack of gunpowder and the next rival we talked with the potter coach Fran Fernández.last_img

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