How Baba Manda neither guilty nor guilty has become a symbol of sustainable tourism

first_imgWhere will our highly educated tourism workers work?At the international congress “Tourism and Hotel Industry” held in April in Opatija, a professor from the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality was not satisfied with my presentation. I talked about the natural growth of family micro-entrepreneurship in tourism from rooms and apartments to small family hotels. I highlighted the difference between the approach of large hotel systems and small family micro-entrepreneurs in tourism. Large systems are classified as industry, they are managed by financial funds and the main measure of success is the profit rate. These funds draw profits to the extreme, and then resell the real estate and go to a new location. Such an industry does not differ significantly from the oil industry. Tourism is more than that though. Especially in Croatia. Tourism is an export market “at home” for domestic agricultural products. Tourism provides a livelihood for tens of thousands of people in areas that have no other economic activities. Tourism is the strongest lever to stop depopulation in rural areas. But that professor asked the question: “Where will my students work when you are against big hotel systems? Will Grandma Manda hire them in private accommodation?”Coincidentally, the congress was held in one of the hotels of the often mentioned company in Opatija, which is an example of inhuman treatment of employees. In that hotel we got bottled import water for refreshments. What I replied then received its confirmation, unfortunately, not even two months after the congress. I said that students will unfortunately not work in large hotel systems because they are based on seasonal workers due to high net wage payments and reduced wage costs. A young man who does not have a permanent job is not creditworthy so he cannot get a housing loan. If he cannot provide housing and if he does not have a stable income then he cannot plan a family. If he cannot live independently of his work and create a family then there is no future for him in such an environment. This is exactly what is happening in the company where the congress was held. The company is otherwise doing great business. It makes an exceptional profit. So exceptional that the CEO was rewarded with a fantastic severance pay. This company does not provide a livelihood for the local population, does not buy local products, does not invest in the quality of service, customer satisfaction and loyalty. It does not contribute to the reputation of a tourist destination. She manages the real estate she acquired through the famous Croatian model of transformation and privatization. The professor’s students will not work in it.We learn from Grandma MandeWhy do I think that “Babi Mandi” should be recognized for what she did for Croatian tourism?”Baba Manda “raised the professor’s students to begin with and paid for their education from their modest income. She preserved her ancestry, arranged surplus housing, and boldly stepped into entrepreneurial waters. In doing so, it pays for utility services and utility contributions, residence tax and membership fees, income tax, all on the basis of personal property that it did not acquire through conversion and privatization. “Baba Manda” has a garden in the garden of seasonal fruits and vegetables consumed by its guests. She sends them to the neighbors for wine, to the godmother for cheese with a friend to a restaurant. He personally welcomes each guest and is at his disposal whenever he needs it. The guests highly appreciate “Babu Mandu”, they awarded her the status of the best host in the world with an average rating of 9 out of 10 possible, based on 100 reviews in a competition of 000 countries. “Baba Manda “employs, seasonally,” domestic help “. Based on the spent working hours for cleaning, tidying up, washing, ironing, arranging the yard and similar jobs, “Baba Manda” seasonally employs 170.000 people. But that’s not all. “Baba manda” will in a few years, when she will no longer be able to manage her real estate alone and with help at home, entrust the same to one of the real estate management agencies. One of them, based in Opatija, manages 800 properties and employs a large number of employees. Finally, “Baba Manda” will give her children studying at the “Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management” the opportunity to upgrade an existing house and turn it into a boarding house, and then perhaps a family hotel. If Croatian laws allow it, and the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development together with the Ministry of Tourism encourages. And that’s where the professor’s students will be employed. Permanently. But they will have to know all the jobs in the hotel business from tidying up the rooms to cooking and serving, marketing and sales. This is how young hoteliers in Austria learn. When they learn all the jobs in the hotel then they can work on various departments and jobs as needed by the job. And they have better job prospects. That “Grandma Manda” is a strong woman. Excellent economist, hotelier, employer, planner. Our guests appreciate it. We should appreciate her more, too.A good household rests on a good housewifeThe underestimating tone with which women, housewives are emphasized, is often heard from people who have reached their high positions precisely thanks to their parents, especially mothers. Members of parliament, ministers, professors and directors often want to move away from their roots. It’s as if they’re ashamed of the environment in which they grew up. It is beneath their honor to tell them that their mother educated them with two apartments that she took care of on her own, received guests, cleaned and washed. And a father who in his spare time built, repaired, upgraded. Even if your parents were also engaged in agriculture – where will you be more embarrassed !? It is no wonder that in some statements, the Minister himself emphasizes accommodation in the household as something that is sanitary suspicious. As if we were all raised in the trash, with the negligence of our parents, as if we grew up on spoiled food… Our people, our wives, housewives are hardworking, industrious, tidy. In our homes, good food is cooked from good ingredients. Our friends eat with us at the same table the best food we eat. They drink the wine we drink too. They pour our olive oil, treat themselves to homemade tomatoes from the garden. It is an excellent basis for building a quality hotel industry. Slowly and persistently. Step by step. The way the Austrians did it.The allure of moneyPope Francis often surprises us with sharp jokes, so he stated that today’s humanity is increasingly worshiping the god of money. “Dio denaro” has great appeal. “When you came to the center of the world economy, the part of money and non-human, which is a first of terrorism. A terrorism of the base against the humanities “… When money is placed at the center of the world economy, not man, it is already the first act of terrorism directed against humanity. So says Pope Francis. Of course you have to make a living from something. Of course money is important. But giving up your roots, your family, “babe Mande” for money, is not good. It is not good when key people in important positions lose their sense of humanity, when at all costs they want to be part of a social elite that has matured on the powers of money. Money can buy everything, say those who use money to solve all problems and relationships in society. However, money cannot buy happiness and health. Instead of serving the “god of money”, important people in positions should be competent to help with their knowledge the people from whom they originated. Help “their paradise”, improve their knowledge, help them grow on the basis of their efforts, acquired property, knowledge, loyal guests. There are so few of us in this beautiful country that, thanks to food, water, nature, tourism, we could all really live well without having to leave our homeland. “Baba Manda” showed us the way. This path is called the New Economy, a circular economy in which the sharing economy has already occupied the tourism sector globally. The old profit-driven economy at all costs has already exhausted all resources on earth. It is time to go back to some of the core values ​​we knew as children and then push them somewhere deep inside us in this neoliberal capitalist carousel. In the following, we will talk about just that. The title can be “From Baba Manda to the Circular Economy”.Author: Nedo Pinezić www.nedopinezic.comIf you want to think out loud, get in touch [email protected] Only through argumentative and constructive discussion can we grow and develop as a society, a profession and as individuals.last_img

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