VMworld 2014 Day Two Keynote

first_img10:03 am PTVMware notes that they believe in containers without compromise. They’re partnering with Google and Docker to deliver containers and virtual machines. 10:10 am PT 10:19 am PTVMware is discussing security and control through secure micro-segmentation in the datacenter, which provides controlled communication paths and specifies which virtual machines can talk to each other.10:26 am PTVMware will now be discussing the hybrid cloud. They’re doing a demonstration on vCloud Air with vSphere Web Chat. They’re showing the power of the hybrid cloud through the seamless network replication and extension of vCloud Air.10:35 am PTVMware concludes by showing a demo of vCloud Air and notes that it is the true hybrid cloud by seamlessly extending customer datacenter to the cloud and back on-premise. 9:55 am PTVMware notes that the power of “and” is essential, where IT and developers must work together to deliver true business value.9:57 am PTRaghu noted that vSphere 6 is now in beta. It has several innovations that will be important for customers:Fault Tolerance for Scale Up Applications – 4 virtual CPUs for scale out applicationsApplication Mobility – Includes cross vCenter vMotion for mobility between vCenter instances and long distance vMotion from one side of a country to the other. 9:00 am PTBen Fathi, CTO at VMware, just took the stage at VMworld. Ben starts off talking about how the new world of IT needs a friction free environment, where the brave will thrive. He notes that business organizations are stuck in silos. These businesses should not be focusing on this “or” that, but instead use the power of “and” to have it all. After a fantastic first day at VMworld, day two is kicking off with a general session on end user computing, mobility, cloud and the software defined data center.Below is a live blog from the VMworld keynote. 8:58 am PTThe general session is about to begin. People are filed in and eagerly waiting for VMware to take the stage. 9:40 am PTRaghu Raghuram, EVP of the Software Defined Data Center at VMware just took the stage. He noted that VMware’s cloud management platform is the #1 platform in the industry. 9:46 am PTRaghu notes that there’s three approaches to the software defined data center, customers can build their own or utilize a converged infrastructure or a hyper-converged infrastructure. 9:54 am PT 10:12 am PTVMware dives deeper into vRealize Suite, which includes cloud automation, cloud operations and cloud business together as a suite of services. These services can manage assets, whether they’re physical, virtual, or in the cloud. It can be on-premise or as a service through vCloudAir. The software defined data center will be policy-based cloud management.10:15 am PT 9:10 am PTSanjay Poonen, EVP and GM of End User Computing at VMware, just took the stage to discuss VMware’s vision in a mobile-cloud era. He’ll be focusing on three pillars: desktop, mobile and content.9:12 am PTSanjay noted that VMware is leading the desktop industry with:Horizon View – Unified VDI and App PublishingDesktop as a serviceCloud Volumes – Real-time app deliveryRich User Experience 9:24 am PTSanjay is now discussing content collaboration, delivered anywhere, anytime, as a hybrid deployment. United Airlines is already using mobile and AirWatch.9:31 am PTVMware is also announcing Workplace Suite to unify mobile, desktop and content management – VMware Unifies Mobile, Desktop and Content Management With VMware Workspace Suite.Kit Colbert, End User Computing CTO at VMware, is providing a demo for Airwatch in the healthcare industry. As a doctor, the same Airwatch app resides on the desktop and mobile, providing secure content for patients. The app allows doctors to move around the hospital without needing to constantly log in to applications as well as share private content between hospitals – while remaining HIPPA compliant.9:34 am PTKit is also introducing Cloud Volumes. In a simplified way, it delivers all applications to the desktop through the cloud.Kit also discussed Project Fargo, which is 30x faster to provision a desktop, it only takes seconds. It helps provision desktops by cloning a virtual machine, then it uses Cloud Volume to provision the apps.9:38 am PTKit and Sanjay outlined three key takeaways from their section:Unified experience, any device, anywhereCustomers driving industry changeOptimized for the software defined data center 9:17 am PTSanjay announced a new partnership with NVIDIA and Google to redefine the user experience.“VMware, NVIDIA and Google Unveil Future of Graphics-Rich Applications Delivered on Enterprise Cloud DesktopsShare9:21 am PTSAP and VMware are partnering to accelerate the mobile experience. They’ll be seamlessly integrating with SAP Mobile Secure EMM and AirWatch MDM. SAP noted that they’re working to accelerate mobility in the enterprise – with 3,500 SAP HANA customers now virtualized, this partnership will advance this even further forward.Learn more in the news release – VMware and SAP Collaborate to Deliver Mobile Security and Simplified User Experience for Mobile Applicationslast_img

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