A crazy love Shanghai by analysis of K site recovery method

as soon as possible!

still think: a collection of love in Shanghai can be seen through the recent new year, love Shanghai API site and waved his hand to pick up, maybe we can also see that the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, but a little problem: the site has a large number of illustrations, the content is a very agreeable love Shanghai love

analysis: sharing function in the QQ space to share links to Shanghai love hate link, if there is such a link to your website, as if you plug a big dog in front of the house, afraid of everyone, this is the love of spiders in Shanghai block on the outside of the door.


said the following to see some two days before a site K station analysis documents, do not know which heroes in the application to save, in the Taobao store a 18 yuan of 20 yuan, a recovery, it is really ridiculous!

first, delete sharing function in the QQ space to share

Since 6.28

after the Shanghai dragon circles discussed the most is how to recover the K website, some people say that to improve the website article original, some people say the high quality of the chain increased, also said to promptly remove may affect their Links, but it is still rare to Public opinions are divergent., someone put a completely the K website to save the back, if not normal, then we can use some special techniques


personal reasons that do not belong to the K site you fall in love with the sea, since there has been sharing love webmaster, then love Shanghai love Shanghai is fueled increase the share function, function of search results behind the thumb by many owners believe that love Shanghai can improve the rankings, and these projects share love Shanghai, micro-blog space to share the most awesome, how to stop love Shanghai spider watchdog

? !

Since the

strategy in the regular improvement, whether it is day or month grade level, at least Lee answer tells us: no eternal love Shanghai blacklist, as long as we insist on the improvement of Web site recovery by the website of K is possible, through this answer also proved to fall in love with the sea cognition to the K fire station.

second, web enabled web compression function



: let’s look at love Shanghai stationmaster clinic open day for K Lee Daisen site restoration

analysis: over many above 95% K sites are open web compression function, so please cancel

through the collection of materials in the network above, found that there is a discussion of some webmaster, suggest that you do not open this function, but the basic are illustrated by their small station, and not the introduction, let us look at these stations is how to do: "/p>Shanghai Longfeng >

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