Love Shanghai snapshot is updated every day good habits is the key

this is the basic work of Web site operators can not be less, even if the more powerful your chain, when a spider crawling and visitors to the site, your site must have the original and fresh content can. There is no fresh original content, are not updated snapshot. Increase the number of specific content, test sites and. The gourd blogger blog every day update original articles. More web content, such as content of 1000 articles, then update the new contents every day the task is very heavy, but once formed update rule, will continue, reach a certain amount of content, the spider will favor.

not to buy black chain without mass tool

has become the Internet grassroots groups are an important part of the construction cost, for a lot of people are not so easy. But because of this, not in the webmaster web site space is cheap, to look at the problem with the development of a long-term vision, a good space is to develop the site later to consider. Because of the space problem caused by K website, we are right down, the correction problem of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. There is a stable space base, can provide a solid premise for the development of the website. We don’t need to choose a special high-grade gorgeous space, but stable and practical is our unremitting pursuit.

every day into the original content for

Since the

love Shanghai snapshot update is one of the most concerned website operators in the daily work, the Internet every day to look at today’s update is normal. The best state is updated every day, this is likely to become a key sign of website operation is good. Love Shanghai snapshot update involves the detail problems in many areas, want to build a day to update the love Shanghai snapshot, should start from the details, it is very important to have a good habit in many aspects.

website has started operation, so we must do everything possible to make the website. Any cheating means not to, not in order to save time to be lazy, also to follow some already fall >

do not save space, stability is of overriding importance

regular daily increase in the chain and check the chain


regular step by step to increase website links are good habits of Web site operators, but also our ideals do stand, but not everyone can do. As the website links the most taboo breath increased a lot, even if the quality is high, there may be a search engine that is cheating. So the blogger has repeatedly stressed that the law, law is very important. A snapshot of the love of Shanghai is far more important than PR, so we can find the link is a snapshot of the day, it is self-evident to the role of the web site. At the same time, to prevent adverse effects on the website of the friends of the chain, the site is now not changing every hour and moment, Adsense every day in all directions for site inspection. Perhaps in a moment of your interval. The fate of the site also instantly change. The increase of the regular chain, daily check chain are good habits we must build.

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