Talking about the causes after the Spring Festival, the site is not included and not updated snapsho


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The original

Spring Festival holiday passed quickly, the Spring Festival holiday most webmaster in ten days or so, a home over the back and forth, with the two days of vacation time at home every day busy through, but a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the busy but neglected to take care of the site, the Spring Festival back see the site is not ideal……

Spring Festival back to listen to a friend said, as the Spring Festival holiday at home, not on the network, more and more students gathered during the Chinese New Year and will, or to other places to play, there is not much time to the Internet, also did not go to take care of the site, before returning home after a professional arrangement of people posting, years ago I also asked such a strange phenomenon: the website home page every few days to update the snapshot, and daily published articles are included in the page, but also the next snapshot, and the home is not within the page snapshot, after some days on his website, the article slowly is not included, 32 days to update the snapshot No. 31, Spring Festival holiday home. Update the article to the professional duty.

at home without a track on the website, the website data after the vacation to see more bad, first of all, not only the website snapshot not update, even included in the site did not rise, but also fell two hundred, is during the Spring Festival holiday not arranged well, other sites have increased significantly, and their the website and the trend of decline.

analysis, the main problems of the site should be: site article quality requirements are very high, but the current situation due to the quantity requirements, most of them are copying others just change the title, and the contents of the article, the original article less each month, only a few articles, and the quality is not high, the majority of the article it is the network too common, false original article change the place is too small, the greatly reduced the quality of the article, more from the general website editor is the staff too much, four or five personal updates, all employees, not a Shanghai Longfeng experience, not specifically responsible for the editorial staff, easy entry repeat the question, this love how Shanghai will be included content Oh, and how will love Shanghai snapshot update, is full of false record, not the essence of the original article, how can it, how to love Shanghai You will love it, because you can know the website, symptomatic treatment…

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