Analysis of determinants love Shanghai website snapshot of the time

The frequency of updates

, I believe many of my friends and I have the same opinion, our friends in the chain, one of the snapshot time each website is our reference to many factors, if the website snapshot update time difference is too large, will not be considered interchangeable, until the last few days I just figured out some problems in the website snapshot love Shanghai in this update, share with friends.

search engine spiders will according to the website to check there is no new page, generally speaking, the faster the new page from the web crawling frequency faster, may see this, some friends will ask, that is not grab frequency faster, faster updates faster and faster, the actual not so, because the update frequency of Web crawl frequency and snapshots are two completely different concepts.

love Shanghai search engine spiders crawl every one page, the importance and timeliness of its value at different speeds to create index according to the snapshot, usually said the updated index of time, often for some important updates page, love Shanghai will be faster to create index. If a "love Shanghai to evaluate the content of the value is not high, even if it is spider, also does not necessarily will be search engine that quickly update the value of the index, it will not necessarily update that snapshot.

The author thought that

from the top of the page can be seen, update and love Shanghai snapshot whether important additions directly associated with the website itself "the weight", whether "K" is not directly related to. The owners do not have to pay more attention to the site over time snapshot, should focus on the content of the website construction, only to improve the website content and the search experience, can be trusted by users and search engines. This paper from the original

update time snapshot of the website love Shanghai is also the search engine spiders crawl the page, grab more frequently, indicating the spider crawling frequency on the website of the higher, promote weight improvement, on the other hand, if the site weight high, fell in love with the sea search engine spiders will grab the more love web page, complementary relationship between them, rely on each other.

love Shanghai search engine spiders on the main page will repeatedly crawl, the snapshot is saved multiple copies, the snapshot of the time display is not the same. In some extreme cases, the search engine may select the snapshot version is different from the current search results, resulting in the snapshot back time. This has no effect on the web site in the search engine’s performance, does not represent the search engine to the site down the right treatment. I have a word with different search station at the same time, the snapshot time shown is not the same, but they are a site’s home page.

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