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control problem first page and navigation home page click distance, to reduce the link level, Shanghai Longfeng wood recommended three words: flat, generally not more than four or five times. The second set of navigation as far as possible when using the most common HTML can, so the navigation are basically true, don’t take pictures as navigation navigation links, also do not use FLASH, JavaScript generated navigation system also do not use said before, for this is the search engine spider trap, while increasing the page load time.

site navigation

1. users shuttle browsing experience on the website, website allows users to continue to view it is the most basic.


main navigation column navigation system is the most important one, usually the main navigation directory is a directory of the web site, so in order to make the site flat, reduce the link level, it is necessary to make good use of the advantages of the main navigation directory hierarchy planning content.

1. the main navigation column structure and clear name to

site navigation you must know what is the purpose of the site navigation, is to help the user to browse the web to find faster and better, want to find the information, basically every site has its own website navigation system. For web site managers, navigation is nothing more than to let users better, improve the user "residence time, reduce the rate of jump out and improve PV. Optimization of site navigation is every site must do, then how should we optimize the site navigation? Let’s take a look at.

said many people mentioned website navigation of the row of the main navigation bar navigation is the site of the above, this is a misunderstanding, we must correct. Site navigation includes not only the main navigation, other website, the classification, your current position and return home, to return to the previous page is a part of the site navigation system. Who can browse the website information, to facilitate users to access Web services, and in the process not to lose, in found that the problem can be found in a timely manner all forms of assistance are part of the site navigation system. Clear the site navigation system is an important goal of the website design, great influence on the architecture, the user experience of website information.


site navigation 2, reasonable design, and product website content can be as much as possible to show in front of the user.


3, reasonable site navigation can increase user stickiness, improve the depth, browse the site to increase PV, reduce the rate of jump out the site.

4, a clear and generous website navigation easier access to the user’s favor, to improve the site visit rate.

How to optimize the

why do you want to optimize site navigation


site navigation

site navigation 5, concise, the search engine can maximize the capture of the website, so as to increase the amount included in the site.

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