On to the important content in the role of Shanghai dragon coloring

other search engine results page is the same.

2, we look at the Google search engine results page:

1, the search "webmaster nets" in love in Shanghai, love Shanghai return search results page returns the results page.

so, here can not help but ask, this color to add color to what content it? Is not the whole article add a special color, of course not. You try to think, what is the user into you this article, I think 90% is because of your title, so the answer came out, to a page title and other content is not the same color can be. This paper consists of:

From the above ?

this year launched Scindapsus love Shanghai algorithm and pomegranate algorithm, the influence of these two algorithms on the Internet are great Chinese. From these days to the relevant owners, Shanghai dragon related forum voice can see, a lot of people on this algorithm is not satisfied, that is unfair. Even directly led to a lot of people are unemployed and gone.

gave a lot of color, the concept of beauty in this world. The same color also attract search engine. Love is the official document of Shanghai station guide: love the sea think what kind of website is more grab and included value "file clearly such content to grab and included value: there are certain originality or unique value. Then I can think, use color to the user marks the users want to find content there is also the "unique value"

we clearly see that, love Shanghai in return for the user search words "webmaster nets" or related keywords added red to highlight users to search content, user identification of appropriate content of their own, this is undoubtedly provides convenience to users, more prominent search results of human nature.

these days there are a lot of people have been discussing a way now Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of people in Shanghai for many practitioners do occupation guidance on the dragon, are out of order, the how. I think that part of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners said that is best suited to their own. "Mountains and water", each are not the same as the idea is to take the horse is a mule to yo.

from the above picture, we can see Google is the same to the user search words by coloring in the search results page in the results page is displayed.

we all know the words to add color to the attention caused by reading, is to highlight the importance and emphasis on the content. Then, in the eyes of the search engine is also like that? Let me see the major search engines in the returned results is how to highlight the user search engine

here today I discussed the role of color in the Shanghai dragon.

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