2013 how to make our website ranking stable

The first step: to see whether the I see a lot of associated with the stability of the chain

solution: write quality articles every day, the article no longer, in essence.

actually, we do the chain like content, must be careful to do. Don’t think you can love Shanghai included rankings for your website and to know the love.

recently I love Shanghai no less on the official said every act and every move, although compared to before the announcement less, but still not stable rank. We can see that a slightly larger competitive keywords, ranking up will be very unstable, take our machinery website, like the word "stainless steel ball", the competition is not very big, but also belongs to the competition of words. As long as we look at several sites ranked in the first and second place, it is not difficult to find these sites ranked on a Monday in a position.


people say competition words unstable ranking should be, but you have not found, the site’s ranking is not other website to squeeze down, but the search engine algorithm changes to your site fall.

layout simple and comfortable

site layout disordered, there is no focus. Is the people to search for a product to your web page, but you didn’t have these products, you have to show the page on the other page, or a link to the needs of users of products, thus greatly reducing the user experience.

the second step: the contents of the article is readable


is used, we do a site not long ranking can do love Shanghai home. But now, no matter what you do or still do not go on. I think now in love with sea algorithm update frequency of the chain and articles have not included in the ranking ranks, or are you going to do if using optimization of the previous ranking, that is the end of the road. Now do website ranking, if it is for the love of Shanghai optimization, must be in the user experience of the above efforts. When we built the site to see the site from the user’s point of view, if found not a good place to quickly remedy. The following details:

The third step:

solution: it should be reasonable planning, layout and layout for classification, reasonable structure, looks not disorderly, focus.

I see many webmaster every day to write original articles, write very tired, but their website ranking is not good. And what not to write many articles every day, and they rank good steady. Not love Shanghai for their good, not good for you. The search engine is the same, the only possible conclusion is that the readability of your website, the user to your site, see the contents are all out of order, sentence and sentence coherence are on the up, so the people will love

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