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an electric drill, a piece of iron sheet, and the real story begins with the first "80 liter" solar water heater invented by him. True water heater is located in Zhejiang Province, Ling’an City, founded in 1996, has been in the fiercely competitive market for 18 years, even from the United States, GREE hukouduoshi, two stations on the air industry. Why can a company founded by a farmer become a "longevity" brand in China’s competitive industry?


He Xiaohua

brands use these tactics. In July, the activity was reduced by 500-1000 yuan. The quality of the products and services provided by


China entrepreneurs lack the "artisan spirit", for today’s popular words, is "focus", "perfection", is "sike". In China, too much wealth is found in "opportunities" rather than products. From the point of view of real social value, it is not speculation but the concentration of products that promotes the development of commercial civilization.

. The industry seems to be prosperous, but a wave of Riptide, gold into madness, most people are frustrated.

in 1996, He Xiaohua founded the heart water heater. For 18 years, he has been doing one thing: Inventing water heaters.

farmers came from the family, obsessed with technology, a person assembled, invented at the time of the very rare solar water heater, has been a story enough inspirational. But the most admirable thing about He Xiaohua is the sharpness of technology and the acumen of business development.

While enjoying the bonus, the water heater industry is also facing fierce competition, and even a situation in which dozens of brands have robbed the market in the town of

He Xiaohua realized that the green energy, such as solar energy, will be the focus of attention in the future, but because of the lack of practicality, piston solar energy will inevitably be eliminated by the market. Thus, in the Zhejiang University Professor repeatedly consulted, He Xiaohua invented the first water heater is the vacuum tube solar water heater, that is, later on the market popular water heater. >

developed the first solar water heater, just as the advent of the mobile phone, for most people, fresh but distant. What’s more, the popular solar water heater at that time was piston type. It was so simple that it could not even keep warm. During the day, when the sun came out, there was hot water, and it lost its function once night.

farmer geek standing on the tuyere

a small farm house, 35 farmers, into a batch of raw materials, is a water heater assembly plant.

"Water heaters are one of the most competitive industries in China," says

suppliers is the key to any effort to succeed. Even so in NASA, the success or failure of space missions depends on the quality of the components that our contract provider provides.

years, real value I know more clearly that to maintain a good relationship with suppliers. My project is usually high tech, high research value, and internal in-house work. "Internal" means the main role of the client relative to the main contractor. We act as systems designers and integrators for a large number of suppliers, and the primary contractor has many suppliers. Experience has taught me that when suppliers see themselves as valuable members of the task force, they can be more involved in helping us achieve our goals. Performance is directly proportional to the degree of integration between the supplier and the project team.

in each of the start of the project, I will be in the official selection of suppliers, immediately welcome all suppliers to join the task team, I will try to visit their factory, with their staff, and they share the exciting mission and I to the success of the mission vision and commitment. I am also actively opening channels to communicate with senior management to facilitate two-way feedback during the effective period of the contract. I hope every employee of the supplier can feel that he or she is critical to the success of the task. I often hear employees express their pride when they see the successful launch of the NASA spacecraft that installed their components.

after the reform and opening up, along with the new rural construction, urban transformation, the rapidly expanding of market demand for the vigorous development of the soil water heater industry; and from around the world into the information technology exchange collision Chinese, making the industry technical threshold is greatly reduced; the manufacturing facility is to provide a blossom everywhere assembly has the advantages of low price, rich types the.

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