Shanghai dragon Er how to make their own original articles by the webmaster attention and welcome

third, let the real feelings show as his mouthpiece. We know that the quality of an article, you whether the article is true original, the readers at a glance, for low quality or >

himself as a Shanghai dragon Er, I just search engine optimization experience, so their works has been around the Shanghai dragon to carry out, for other methods of marketing themselves like not familiar with how to writing a wise remark of an experienced person, a very important point is to hold a sincere attitude to customer service for you do I write the article is not promotion, exchange I think the article writing is a very important thought.

first, understand the audience characteristics of each platform. I was very fond of the A5 platform, A5 Adsense nets and A5 forum is the exchange and learning position, because everyone here is my sincere exchange fair trade, see the user to give maximum encourage me in reply to time. Therefore, my first experience is their true optimization description, each subject of this article is also our optimization method is operating now. Because, after reading my article is some friends want to read the article or be able to help themselves.

article enthusiasts, is a website optimization, the process of writing each time they actually are in my opinion and the process of user communication, heart to heart, my article although not so beautiful style, but the author has been engaged in the The writing mirrors the writer. writing to keep writing style, the author maintains for customer service in the process of writing the concept of creation, you why want to read my work, able to get those things this is the author write each article must consider issue for a long time to help you. Below, I analyze yourself is how to use " to write the heart; ".

deal with some difficult problems, I often write some articles for the novice optimization, including ranking floating, data analysis, the construction of the chain, these things must be this kind of friends are in need of assistance, so why can’t we put yourself in this aspect of the optimization of experience and experience we dedicate a piece of common development and progress? In fact, in the process of interaction, I also found that many owners have a lot of good ideas, this is mutual learning exchange process. Learning is to see each other’s strengths, if you see the weaknesses of others, your progress in the door was " blocked ", so don’t miss any opportunity to learn.

second, for many optimization new to their will do our best to help them. The present society is very impetuous, many veteran newcomers tend to see a contemptuous disregard, in fact this is short-sighted, an industry you mixed a few years, experienced it, a change in the direction of thinking, in other ways, you may also not new, lower their attitude I feel is the best way to improve the your.

The author is a In order to meet the new

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