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projects Through

quit his job after returning home, while operating their own website, and received two new website analysis list, today I share with you my orders after the basic Shanghai Longfeng project.

By station link analysis

two, the chain. Data from the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform chain tool

five and other

home page analysisThe


detection, a station has 16 dead links, another station is not. (Chinese version of the XENU crawling is not accurate, so the use of English version), because there is no FTP permission, only through the background of several articles can be modified to modify the death.

analysis, found two web page links the proportion accounted for more than 80%, this is a more dangerous situation, but the source domain is relatively wide, temporary problem. In addition the anchor text anchor text keyword is relatively small, single, there are few links to the inside pages, due to the recent love Shanghai outside the chain of tools to adjust more frequently, the large number of data in page link ratio decreased, so the data is only for reference.


Two days ago,

two website articles are used as the anchor text pointing to page producer a word, because the web application is old, the station did not recommend related links, or even on the next page of the article page are not, there are a lot of work to be done within the chain. There is a program to generate the site map of the site, can only generate part of the page, the site map reworked. Within the chain this piece because there is no FTP permission, unable to carry out the relevant changes to the site, so the boss can only try to find the communication, then carry out the relevant work.

, a dead link detection station. English detection tool XENU version

examination found two sites were not 301 redirect, need as soon as possible, because Baidu of 301 slow; any statistical code is not installed to monitor the data on the website; domain out of the data in a large number of BBS signature, it is necessary to be processed.

see a new website to see his first is included, the chain and ranking, I take a single two sites belong to a company, need to do the same for keywords optimization of gas furnace, are ranked in the second page, each station monthly basic salary of 500, do the first page of each station every day the charge of 40, is not in the home without the calculation of wages, the basic situation of the website is fairly optimistic, included ratio was above 60%, but for a long time no one management, Links is few, the article did not continue to update, the snapshot stalled in October, basic is the case, then I do the analysis on the website the Shanghai based dragon project:

The analysis of

two web page is not optimized code, can be achieved as late as FTP permissions will adjust H1 tag, keyword density, content related adjustment etc..

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