The content of website to add pictures but also anti plagiarism

you know, write an article, the title and the novelty of the topic is the most important, the level of quality is related to the level of writing, but add pictures all have, the content of the picture not only looks more rich and colorful, and even some use images to replace text clearer, easier to understand the user. However, the website article with pictures and a good anti plagiarism, you found

website optimization emphasizes the original, for the webmaster, long-term adhere to the original is a very difficult thing, let alone to ensure that every original article is of high quality. Of course, do not rule out such awesome webmaster, however, tend to be able to take the original stick webmaster must be facing the same troubles, it is the original frequently encountered plagiarism, how to do this? Odd million Internet to teach you.



website to add pictures to prevent the original copy is

, for example, for a long time before the odd billion network wrote an analysis of the types of articles "don’t Webmaster Tools statistics too seriously", according to the example analysis, the article remove the picture becomes meaningless.

?The content of how to use the

first of all, most of the sites to see the good original content will can’t help to reprint and share, but they would not take copyright or copy the original link, they became the original, sometimes the search engines will be awarded to the miscarriage of justice, the original copy, caused a certain impact on the website weight. However, this happens only in the copycat mastered the original articles and release time, quickly copy it may happen, and the search engine on the limitation of judgment is closely related but when there are a lot of pictures of articles, copy to copy the article and in the pictures are preserved, and during the upload process edit the picture format and so on, need to spend their time dealing with specific problems, in this type of articles they simply give up the copy, or just ignore the pictures, which also affected the integrity of the plagiarism.


finally, site articles using a combination of graphics expression main content complete, such as flow chart, frame structure, and construction site in the program code, with a screenshot of the shape.

second, in time to add pictures, try to give each image with watermark, for valuable pictures, people even reluctant to delete, but because they want to take the time watermark, the watermark processing, can not be directly copied to the user see the article, otherwise it will reduce the user experience. Or not in the circumstances, to articles on copyright, protection of the rights of the original website. The odd billion network also suggested that the middle picture watermark is best placed in the picture, and occupy a larger picture, not easy to be edited, but also pay attention to the picture, don’t block the key content. The following figure:

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