Many modification site title lead to fall right after Epiphany

content cannot be collected, must have the original. Collection of articles tend to search engine will bring a very bad impression, a lot of, will lead to drop right. So the article updated regularly, to write some of the original article, so as to improve the quality of the website ranking and website.

3, do not stack keywords, write too many keywords in the title or three tags, so the most easy to judge the search engine for spam sites, and often in order to stack keywords, but also conceal them, let users see, this is cheating, so these are to be avoided, the same number of keywords suggestion in the title of a maximum of not more than 3 times, "the keywords to reasonable distribution.


, don’t put all 4 articles are added to the target keywords, and then link to the home page, generally appear in the case of excessive internal link optimization is the key link to page excessive, should be the reasonable distribution of the chain, not to a page of your site with a link to a page three above, maintained at less than three times. Anchor text must tell the target page theme, also known as link correlation, internal links between high can also improve the search engine grab and included.

I have a station in the last year, when the site title is not very good, just modify it conveniently with the 2,3 keyword inside, increase keyword density, a few days ranking rose unexpectedly, cool. Before I heard Online Title put too much keywords will lead to drop right, then feel really lucky, then try to change 1 times, ranking rise again, happy bad, after a few weeks ranked gradually stabilized, no longer rise, has been in the home wandering, and want to let customers later rose all of the top 3, so that traffic is high, not only for the title again modified a few day Shanghai update suddenly found the site has dropped out of sight, right to be reduced, then I realized that I was wrong. After pointing through a friend, said I made 2 mistakes, revising the title and keyword stuffing, optimize the excessive, right down is inevitable. Later it was torture, in order to restore the original ranking, updated every day, heightening the quality of the chain, a long time to slowly recover. Well, all fell to know pain, death never know to cherish life. Recovered after a thorough understanding of some taboo optimization, with some of his own experience, now share with you in here.

1, not excessive optimization, optimization to be too obvious, let the search engine that you have to stand the rubbish site or cheating station, excessive optimization leads to the consequences will be grievous, basically destroyed the site in the search engine’s impression, to accept love to punish Shanghai, who fell in love with the sea snapshot, keywords ranking drop that is, love Shanghai directly K. Reasonable optimization can help to identify the search engine for web content, help to promote the site, excessive optimization will only led to the demise of the site faster.


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