How to break the bottleneck period classified information portal

classified information website has been welcomed by the users, but the website for users to publish information of the audit is not high, resulting in the classification of information site is often reported some negative information, at the same time, some of the owners to provide information authenticity has yet to be detected, where the classification of information site operators suffered a bottleneck, classified information website is the part-time operation class, remember the A5 graph king said about website operation the words: "do, do fine, learn to do subtraction, less refined, better to do", this view to the classification information provided great help.


do little to do fine professional

different profit point

such as the part-time bar (贵族宝贝jianzhi8贵族宝贝/) classified information website, mainly specializing in the direction of online part-time job are provided in accordance with different regions. Because the website provides only a part-time job for a class of information, so the operator has enough time to pay attention to business information, and can be a thorough screening of information, testing its authenticity, that is the most real information provided to the user. There will have a website operation, we give the other classification information to the site to bring traffic, but because of the high credibility and depth of part-time information, to the site to bring traffic is increasing, and the conversion rate of flow is much higher.

website for potential customers, a lot of classified information far than the news and entertainment benefits, because it is directly facing the needs of ordinary citizens, unlike traditional advertising, the customer not only no resentment, but also actively looking for, is to provide potential users need to find ads. It is of course classification information website should have core operations, where so many information could not complete all involved, the first operator is not so much a comprehensive resource, the website also can not be in the scope of the last big, can do the depth is shallow. As the image of the king said, to do little to do fine professional.

comprehensive life information website information coverage is very broad, but also a source of all kinds of web traffic, on the surface of profit seems not a problem, the actual situation is more pessimistic, in addition to some brand advertising revenue, other types of advertising a deserted house too much traffic dispersion, and provide advertising can not meet the needs of users, no to really understand what traffic can be converted to a web site. For such sites, only the brand advertising and make a profit by 020 of the electricity supplier model, so as to better find the website profit point >

Different categories of

classified information site can be made into a comprehensive life information website (like love to help network classified information website (58), city people, etc.), local portal information, the classification of "big and complete", "fewer but better" is the important state to win user acceptance, accurate and useful the information is always the survival of the classified information platform. Of course, classification of the different nature of the site must have its different profit point.

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