Calm Bo brother 4 months the heart crack lung Shanghai Longfeng experience summary

5: according to the statistics page love Shanghai, I can be very responsible to tell you, love to see Shanghai PV important. Because inside, the default >

2: try to collect some of the latest blog articles, and keep the link with nofollow. The weight began to love Shanghai good, are higher than the original blog, suddenly one day the weight down, do not know the algorithm, there are still people who reported depressed?.


1: description, keyword, title, and the update rate is large, the station changed but not be punished. Since the start of publicity is independent blog ranking, the word no competition! Keywords updated, independent blog in the love sea ranked fourth, ranking top blogs and blog in the second page of 4 (the first page is wandering big web blog ranking, such as Sina, what the NetEase). The blog is not complete, row to the fourth page, but independent blog daqo home page row second, second only to Lu Songsong.

4: just want to get traffic from search engines, PV is generally not high, not recommended for love Shanghai traffic statistics.

experience: Shanghai love can flow through the statistics of the PV, to determine whether the value of your site. PV low, high rate jumped out of the page, the weight will gradually to decline. This is not certain, but just in case the

proved that independent blog is quite awesome, nofollowj nofollow it, let it go. Because I stay in the link less stay forum, are generally in the message, blog advertising, there are other places to comment! No publicity. This is the independent blog keywords.


the independent blog program Daquan, from the beginning of April now, try a lot of things:

began to write, now every day in the update. I feel the executive power is not enough. Whenever there are new ideas, not immediately settle down to write code. Must have: ideas later, take immediate action!

in fact, Google sitemap is of considerable importance, the amount collected is the brush to rise. Love Shanghai as the site map XML format is now supported. To remind everyone, try to write down the site map, it is not the case, can be generated using the site map generation tool, after the do not want to appear to remove all links. I started to use a site map automatically, found that there are others link, it is not going to end, had to write their own, want to be lazy and didn’t have to steal, hey.

practice, collecting things suck, awesome is the original

In April

3: try to write their own website map, HTML format, also: the international general XML format.

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