How to judge a project is a good projectKindrid founder learned 17 things about entrepreneurship i

17. sometimes you will feel very successful. Don’t take credit.

2013 is the year in which we Kindrid finally found our niche in the market. Since April, the key indicators of the business have doubled or doubled three times a month.

12. product is affordable and does not damage your reputation, but the failure of customer service is fatal.

7. any decision is assumed unless the market proves it. Don’t be embarrassed by the reversal of decision making.

, from market research to product development, to beta testing, to implementation, to scale expansion, here are some of the key lessons I’ve learned at these stages of change.

: a friend as a department manager in a large company, savings of 300 thousand in Shenzhen, feel the house off, and I think the age does not forgive people, also found that Shenzhen is a black mobile phone manufacturing center, decided to return home to the establishment of the company, sales of mobile phone black.

      let’s give some examples of friends killed around us:

example three: a friend is a large mobile phone factory a company for 5 years, the big boss, after the company closed down, due to the friends of excellent character, dozens of employees have no wages rather than months, let the friend to lead everyone to start, the friend finally chose to be the agent of a province of beer plus a English learning machine agent.

, this project is a mistake committed 2, are not familiar with the big mistake, with the feeling of doing things, must die ah!

4. when you have to make a choice between forcing deadlines and reducing product size, choose the latter.

2. time should be spent on developing an exciting product rather than trying to find a surprise in a boring product.

1. no single activity will be as important as they seem. Seminars, social networking, articles, presentations, product features, competitors. Are these important? Of course, but we usually over estimate their importance.

14., the nuances of your situation are unique. Resist the temptation to follow someone else’s play.

example four: a friend had engaged in computer IT industry sales, decided to go abroad to start a business, the final choice to carry out specific Indonesia SMS, in cooperation with Shenzhen in a short message equipment manufacturers and operators, hope this business in Indonesia copy.

commented on the above items one by one:


11. existing customers are more deserving of consideration than those you expect.

The failure of the

5. your sixth sense is usually right.


3. artificial allocation of time and money to encourage innovation and to discover what is most important.

15. people like to work in a growing company, but people prefer to work in a company where they grow up.

what do you think about these projects? People are doing these projects and people are making a lot of money, but can you make money in it? Do or not? That’s a problem!

8. firm mission, strategy adjustable, product iteration development.

9., the value of an idea is directly related to the speed of its implementation.

13. good advice is an art.

project: trade business is usually to buy and sell the upstream, downstream and middle price, looks very simple, ordinary people love to calculate difference and then rushed in, a few lucky success, most people will own the initial purchase to lose water. Why is this happening? Teach you a trick of the most simple judgment can be made whether such business secrets that is upstream and downstream 2 head, you should at least account for a head, what do you mean? Is either you absolutely familiar with the upstream, no one can cheat you, you are very aware of all the details, or you have a very reliable professional staff e.g. in as your wife, brother, cousin cousin, high school students and so on, in short is absolutely will not deceive you, and will tell you all the selfless one, the lower empathy, if not to swim, so if you are absolutely sure of the sales of this product or, have absolute aides to help you. If 2 heads are taken, then congratulations, you can go directly to the intermediate class I’m going to write in the future. The beginner class doesn’t need to study. If you don’t have 2, then congratulations, too. You’ll use your poor savings as your tuition fee, and you’ll learn the content of 10~30% in my junior class.

comment two: any project involves the question of how much money will be thrown and how it will return

comment periodicals IT compiler, English text: Things I Learned in 2013


case two: a friend who has a savings of 500 thousand, feel no longer continue to work, decided to join 7-11 chain stores.

10. team is more important than anything else.

16. sometimes you feel like a total failure. Don’t lose heart.


6. you can learn from a wrong decision, but a decision that will not be decided won’t let you learn anything.

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