The experience and practice of the local promotion website Hot pot

business advantages: large scale, hardware facilities.

publicity in the same type of website, or through the line flow exchange, also can advertising cooperation, such as the local portal forum, portal entertainment forum can post to attract customers (if you want to own features, such as preferential conditions, electronic coupons to make the customer benefit things).


three, do sitemap file site map within the site, but according to the needs of customers home has been hidden, you can view the source code, see. Crazy hair the chain, a month I almost made a thousand articles, less than 20 days, my site has done love Shanghai home page.

help customers to do promotion, snacks. Oh, business or life is so long, hen eggs. Now businesses are paying attention to the network promotion, from the industry to the enterprise, from entertainment to catering, embarked on the road of e-commerce, the day before yesterday I site is some publicity personality services received, can be said to do very well, have lamented the charm of e-commerce

restaurant and entertainment service industry era of network marketing is imperative, nowadays network too popular, too many people through the network group purchase, spelling out, carpool, carpooling, meal together…… So the traditional service industry to abandon the small workshops, should have its own enterprise publicity culture, have their own cultural stores, network propaganda to highlight its own characteristics, such as service features, service level, opinions processing industry more outstanding in equal human characteristics, let the customer enjoy on your website that he is "God", the favored

is currently on the market in Taiyuan, Hot pot shops, large and small scale, different style, fierce competition situation, the consumption potential is not decreased, the people of Taiyuan have been recognized and love to "Qin Ma Hot pot," Hot pot as the representative of the Hot pot shop even queuing seat, with the fiery scenes, so the market Xiangpaifang Hot pot city base.

, a market analysis:

product advantages: Dashi stock, quality assurance.


: one of the four famous brand Chinese Hot pot, the obvious advantage of the brand.

two, Hefei to the port city of the advantages and disadvantages of

third, a QQ group, making QQ signature: add more friends, his friends have a log that, this method can be used to make QQ give you a free advertising, the establishment of QQ radio. Make full use of QQ space, such as a good friend recommended tone >

first, use around the portal to promote the popularity of

Hot potThe advantages of

second, travel health website and target customers often visit the website published an article: the delicacy and tourism, as well as the customer’s health linked to attract customers, this can usually be some travel agencies, tourist attractions and cooperation.

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