nfluence of web directory structure on the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization

some time ago a friend always complained to me about the website of their original content to do better, but by the love of Shanghai included the situation is very bad, even after their original content to be reproduced on other websites, love Shanghai will also give priority to collect these reprint articles, this let my friend very depressed. He wanted me to help him analyze the website, analyzed and on this site in the recent period of time.

in this framework, this website is difficult to improve the user experience, love of Shanghai is also very difficult to incorporate it into their own database, the weight naturally is not high, so there have been many abnormal phenomena above.

love Shanghai snapshots, this website snapshot update time is very long, this shows that this site is not affected by the number of love Shanghai. Then I further open the contents of the website, finally see some abnormal conditions inside the IE address bar, that is the content of the address is very complex, and involve as many as five directory. This let me see the crux of the problem.

therefore in the construction of the new site, the best structure is flat to make it. Represents a single page website is this flat, but the single page website home page due to space limitations, resulting in breadth and depth of content is difficult to extend, so if I have to do a connotation of the website, then the three tier is preferred. It is home to the column page to >

after opening the website, found this website page design overall is good, the first impression is OK, but on the first page of content quality is good, plus the original, according to the principle of website content included there should be no problem what. Then I analysed the structure of the site outside the chain, the chain that although the amount is not much, but the overall quality is not what the problem is, there are many outside the chain or by the weight of high site transfer, correlation also does not have what problem. Right here, this website optimization should do not have what defects.

is to solve this problem is very simple, that is the column page for further extensive, especially for new sites, there is no need to further refine. Because on the one hand, the refinement of the structure of the website, will bring the directory level is deep, and the contents of each number and weight is too small, thus the directory is not high, in which the content is difficult to be included.

as the intelligent level of love Shanghai, love Shanghai crawl websites also hope to be able to provide more experience for the user, and if a website directory is too high, then the user wants to find relevant content will be more high degree of difficulty. Although in a site of the home page can recommend some relevant column on the content, and then through the home page directly open, but in addition to some advertising area, there are some pictures, can provide the content display space is not much, plus a section of the web site more often, so the content of each column it is also less.

But in the analysis of the site

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