English Shanghai Dragon the chain of value distribution


is very intuitive description of the factors that determine the value of each link proportion:

can be seen from the chart, the "easy for users to see and click on the" position of the value of the transfer link PR. Tell us about this, in your hair of the chain or do page optimization, try to put the anchor text in the article by position.

1. web site: if the above factors determine the respective link value ratio, so the weight of a web site is the link the values of the factors determining weights is nothing more than familiar with those: PR, age, collection etc.. Note: the right of the major sites will have bonus ranking in Google, is generally +30.

6. outbound links of the many topics are a commonplace talk of an old scholar, of course, the link is less, at the same time, this also shows that now the value chain directory type is very low. Summary: through this analysis, we can do a rough bottom, can value this link estimation about, make use of time to do the most valuable things. >


first on a map, here is the distribution of the value of a link profile:

4. links: better understanding, your website is the medical industry site, a link to the hospital must be more than a strong correlation to the school, you know this is not to say, if you want to guide the keywords and specific correlation between the target site of how much can be used this tool: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai, moz.org/labs/lda

5. links on the page of the position: the beginning of noble baby for any location of a page links are the same, now nobility baby and other search engine algorithm becomes more intelligent, with different positions of the link is not the same, can refer to:

2. anchor text: the importance of the anchor text I believe Shanghai Longfeng staff all know, even if the website is not a keyword, you can use a large number of the original anchor text row on the home page, the "Google bomb" incident is a good example of how important the anchor text. The 3. noble baby on Website Trust: attention to distinguish between weight and trust, reflected in the number of related links to your site, how many high authority sites such as the government, schools and other links to your site, which can greatly increase the noble baby to you trust. Note: the press release release is a good way to improve trust. (trust explanation can refer to: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai moz.org/learn- /moztrust


Shanghai dragon dragon)Correlation of The weight of the

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