Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to remind you the website is punished not to act rashly

three, check delete suspicious links

what is suspicious links? In fact may cause you to be punished website links, you may not understand some, such as: a large number of Links exchange, trading links, even to bad neighbor links, and not related to their content of the outbound links and all that can be said to be suspicious links, the chain >

the general webmaster easy to ignore, but sometimes it is for this reason that led to your site to be punished, especially the site is deleted, you must carefully check the robots.txt file. Make sure the site can normal search engines access, not only to view the code is normal, but also with the tools to check whether there are errors, in short, must ensure that the website can be a normal search engine grab access.


, check the robots.txt file

two, check whether the server is stable and other website

we often in some Adsense BBS, Shanghai and other places to know love to see some Adsense website because of being punished and for the post, many webmaster more direct email to some of his trusted Shanghai dragon ER, however, although there are many enthusiastic people to help, but the site is search engine punishment, to detect what is what causes is not so easy, not everyone can easily solve, it also requires Shanghai Longfeng professional staff is expected to help solve as soon as possible to restore ranking. Therefore, the recent fire dragon Shanghai diagnostic services also produced, it is undeniable that the emergence of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services really makes a lot of websites on the regular, have a better ranking in the search engine, website user experience to do more in place, it is worth mentioning that, of course, is Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team A5 station network under the US flag, superb technology and attentive service are widely praised by the owners, said A5 provided by Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html Shanghai dragon dragon) all thumbs up! Come here to talk about the site being punished what to do, how to solve the

web server is stable or not is the key of the website rankings, without a stable and fast space to do security, website every two or three days open, and from what about website ranking? A5 group found in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization to the customer site diagnosis often, some website space is rubbish regularly ventilation, hit do not open, so the punishment of the search engine, lead to drop right, home page is K. There are other sites on the server because of cheating, or other causes of search engine punishment, which involved to your site, because you are in the same service, therefore, when the site was punished, you should check with yourself in a service on other sites do what let the search engine especially hate things to be punished.

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