8.22 new algorithms are in love with the sea another storm precursor

signs of two: a large number of website ranking collective decline, especially the medical station


why from Shanghai Longfeng a statistical post

stone view yesterday is a collection of 4 records, was finally relieved, because the feeling of the new sites included is very fast, but this view has become zero. What is the reason that was included in the new station and be back? I analyzed the content, website open speed and so on various reasons, because the new station I added several original articles. This situation is only two possibilities: first, the new love Shanghai entered the review period, two new sites to be ruthless K off. No matter what the reason is that the new algorithm can be started.


sign three: personal blog was ranked Shanghai dragon K, Meng

signs: new sites included after being removed, the suspect is being K

, a Links stone personal blog by a ruthless K, in fact, more than one. A view your personal blog ranking also dropped to 100 or so, have their own blog ranking is very stable, there are two key words have been ranked in the ten or so. This is the first time in months of the personal blog, Shanghai dragon most of the content is original. As for why K will be really good.

personal blog is Shanghai dragon K



As shown in figure Figure three: Figure two:

stone today saw a 8.25 decline in Statistics website ranking posts in Shanghai dragon why forum, from the top of the scale, the number of the decline of the number of websites, including the medical station did not account for a small proportion of the ranking drop. June K off a large portion of the medical station, there are a lot of medical content quality is so poor, basically is to copy and paste content. But many small and medium enterprises station content quality is not high, the majority of the pseudo original. Guess the K stand stone not as of June so fierce, and may be given right down most of the content is not high quality of the site, is a direct manifestation of your site’s ranking declined rapidly.

August 22nd love Shanghai officially released a new algorithm, I believe that many webmaster Shanghai Longfeng personnel and careful reading of the new algorithm, the online opinion about the new algorithm is different, the June K station season, let us remember. For the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, may the new K season will be staged in the station. That is to say love Shanghai new algorithm is actually a precursor of the storm, the stone is not alarmist, that from today the signs: perhaps the owners are ready.

todayA customer site

: yesterday, a collection of new sites, included 0


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