Chrome commonly used Shanghai Longfeng plug-ins recommended

six, NoFollow

three, Axure RP Extension for Chrome

five, No BaiduAd

this is a domestic expert plug-in icon for the love of Shanghai’s claws, in the lower right side of the icon will have detailed website PR value. Is the most convenient, just click on the plug-in (or shortcut) can specific information out of the site, such as the Shanghai love love Shanghai snapshot date, included, love Shanghai domain love love Shanghai station data flow, network flow of Shanghai Bole love, Google included and flow domain information, server information, record information and so on. What a cool! Only a little unhappy is because of too much information, sometimes card, but generally does not affect the use.

not say, is a Axure plugin used, which belongs to the category of products.

this is not much to explain, advertising shield plug strong, even the love of Shanghai PPC can be masked (unfortunately only gray background shielding belt promotion link).

two, Chrome Flag Lite

Chrome is a commonly used browser, is widely used in IT, the reason is not only open speed, but also because of powerful extensions. The following is the author used several Shanghai dragon plug-in, although the function is limited, but convenient, handy.

of Shanghai dragon ER, the role of NoFollow and NoFollow needless to say, this plugin is just to solve this problem, you can display all the NoFollow links and photos on the website, convenient you study NoFollow when browsing the web.

seven, pa>

plug-in Chrome Flag will inherit the Ultimate (Ultimate Chrome Flag has died). Chrome Flag Lite can display the server address with the flag, and display the website PR, function is not much, but convenient and practical. Download address: 贵族宝贝c7sky贵族宝贝/chrome-flag-lite.html.

This plugin

Baidu, a Shanghai dragon Tools

four, AdBlock and Adblock Plus for Chrome

baby aristocracy This is also the domestic expert

when it comes to love Shanghai bidding shield, we have to mention the No BaiduAd. No BaiduAd is love Shanghai bidding nemesis, whether there is no background color ads, No BaiduAd can be shielded, and highlighted and completely shielded as you choose.

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