3 year old webmaster how to save the K website

The historical data of the

for the baby to sleep, just from another unstable space to move into a new space, because before this space has a certain understanding, has been in use, the basic rule of space problem. In addition the spatial stability from Shanghai love spiders access data, the data is still relatively normal, Ping is normal, you can exclude the stability of web space.

then I is to take what means, let the website fast recovery by K website, here we briefly, hoping to play a valuable role. Of course, each site problems may not be the same, the method involved here may not be suitable for each K site, but the methods and ideas are interlinked.

black chain is black hat Shanghai Longfeng practices, once found the K to be sure. The friends of the chain, since love Shanghai love the sea on February 19, 2013 on the line Scindapsus algorithm, also quite large to super chain intermediary, selling links, links to purchase the super chain cheating crackdown, is a direct result of some super chain intermediary companies collapse. The above two kinds of circumstances in the process of establishment is not in a similar way operation, so it can eliminate the situation.



2, the chain, chain, black chain.

web content stability, no recent updates to a web site, can be said that there is too much volatility basically, so it also excludes.

1, site stability

site stability includes two major aspects: the stability of web space and website content stability. The stability of web space determines the user and search engine can efficiently access the site. General small site, 2-3 days space cannot access will appear drop right phenomenon. If the site was attacked resulting in the website is too slow or inaccessible, also belong to the space is not stable. The content of the website stability refers to the contents of the site, update the volatility structure, excessive volatility is not stable, prone to drop right or K stand.

general, K website is mainly analyzed from the following aspects.

Because The only problem is the


has been busy with other things, about their previous insisted for nearly 2 years of infant sleep shortage in the network management. Recently rarely have time to go see his stand, found a lot of problems, and even the middle was completely plucking a. With his recent Shanghai dragon aspects of understanding, some of the latest information Shanghai dragon, began to solve, also hope to see if they have more deep understanding of Shanghai dragon. After a preliminary analysis, find out the causes for problems to solve, is now gradually restore the baby sleep included network, believe that the ranking will gradually come back.

can be seen from the figure, during the 2013-04-28 website data is abnormal, the reason from the aspects of consideration: site anomaly, hope to find the real reason.

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