People need to pay attention to the analysis of Web site keywords

3, competitive analysis

industry keywords set


, the 1 industry is the main search keywords, the search results before the 5 page website basically can illustrate the generalization of the industry. For example: Shanghai dragon the keywords in the top 50 are basically very professional site, and most of the domain name, the domain name contains the majority of Shanghai dragon.

Keywords The development of 5, determine the target keywords

1, search industry, the main keywords, click on the search results more relevant search at the bottom of the first page. From here get industry collection of keywords, appropriate screening.

Keywords The top 10 sites of

competitive analysis


understanding of industry overview

4, development plan and is expected to flow

2, from Shanghai to obtain each keyword index of love.

Daily search volume

2, according to the selected keyword (called two keywords), according to the understanding of the industry the general way to learn the general level two keywords ranking.


3, two keywords competition often not so strong, if the search results appear first page directory links or content pages can be identified as one of the key goals.

1, chosen for their strength of the keywords

2, do not choose too low flow

5, the general need 3-6 months of time, if you have this.


1, understand the industry situation of

4, in the top 5 sites were analyzed, including the Shanghai Longfeng level, web site keywords and scale, establishment time, PR value etc..

then with dissection keywords analysis:

1, from the choice of industry set of keywords for you. Keywords: including correlation, keyword search volume keywords, commercial value.

3, if you need more industry key words, can be used Chinese version of noble baby keyword tool.


3, in the industry keyword search results, mainly for web site? Industry website? Enterprise website or personal website?? if the auction website and the industry website that most keywords commercial value; personal website, the industry most of the advertising alliance, innovative profit pattern into consideration simple; enterprise website, the competition is not strong.

2, you are familiar with the site, including the site of the site, professional, site size, etc. the main keywords.

from these aspects, you can grasp the whole industry overview. Similarly, you can understand the building materials industry, diet and tourism industry, non-ferrous metals, filter industry etc..

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