Case analysis love Shanghai title search results parameters F2



For example,

F2 is the meaning of love Shanghai title search results from where and how a combination of extraction. Conclusion: the query server receives the user send love Shanghai, then sorted according to the correlation degree corresponding to the target page will query, from the title (Title), the anchor text chain (external-anchor-text), H1 (Heading 1), image replacement (Alternative text for images) text extraction and combined into the title, is F2 tell love Shanghai analysts different results Title combination type click data, and for the improvement of algorithm.

query Taobao

search results of the title of Shanghai dragon stone interaction

User-agent: baiduspider

and the corresponding F2 (value value) is 4CA6DEEA, in other words in the search results page to find the love of Shanghai 4CA6DEEA, knew the results of the title from the Google bomb algorithm.


query Shanghai dragon


Disallow: /

page title I of Taobao, but Taobao screen love Shanghai spiders crawl.

results show that the title is usually the title tag, but can also be other sources.

love Shanghai title search results sources in addition to the title tag and the anchor text chain, according to the number of the collected F2, at least more than 20 kinds of combination forms, lists the actual search results page F2 as follows.

4CA6DCEA the chain anchor text page title

is the first line of the page title, usually taken from the HTML code page in the title tag (Title Tag). This is the list of the most striking part.

in Shanghai Hui Zan mentioned "dragon combat code"

4CA6DEEA chain anchor text (Google bomb)


chain anchor text Shanghai dragon

stone interactionThe

page title


chain anchor text >


" miserable failure" Shanghai in search of love; love; show that Shanghai Google bomb (bomb similar noble baby) algorithm (chain anchor text). Love will prompt " Shanghai snapshot; keywords your query only appears in the page title or point to this page links. "

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