The cabbage price Shanghai dragon Er way


Shanghai dragon industry and a extreme is cheap Shanghai dragon, because of the small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals of Shanghai dragon has more strong demand, but the price is very sensitive! So many Shanghai dragon Er offer will be the price of cabbage, each keyword ranging from 100-500, don’t think that is not the word of the competition, some the word competition is very strong. This is some time ago and friends in a good time to disclose their earnings every day: receive a lot of customers, then their websites connect each other, do a station optimization, just waiting to love Shanghai for ranking, if ranking, to receive maintenance! Don’t give in, general money has come, after all, only a few hundred dollars, the customer will not go to the hundreds and him alone, and he certainly made a station optimization. This means to attract customers to the price of cabbage, really clever! It is worth pondering


in fact, I personally think that the reason of Shanghai Longfeng cabbage price, mainly for two reasons: one is the so-called "experts" and more and more flooding is two black Shanghai dragon technology. However, since the choice of this line, as long as their own efforts to learn and make good use of their skills, do one step at a time, out of Shanghai dragon Er due execution.

! The

is currently Shanghai dragon gradually presents the polarization phenomenon, part of the high-end customers or high-end Shanghai dragon Er are only do the high price of Shanghai Longfeng, tens of thousands, generally not less than 8000, or even 8000 per month! The Shanghai dragon list while many people want to do, but for most ordinary er or Shanghai dragon company that may be there, not a company or a lot of people are willing to spend hundreds of thousands a year in the Shanghai dragon, you can be met by accident,

yesterday and a Shanghai dragon industry big brother chat about his business with this one, of course, also talked to the Shanghai dragon cabbage price problem! The single itself is not much, but in only a few times after single experience, have to feel Shanghai dragon er’s future is unknown, but we are looking for a way out at the same time also had to carefully analyze the current situation of the industry.

Shanghai Longfeng cabbage price problem, in fact, plagued by many people in the industry, on the one hand, there is more demand on the one hand, but because of the price not to implement, many enterprises do not know Shanghai Longfeng actually it takes a lot of cost! Even if itself has many resources, these resources also need to spend more cost to build and maintain if a word, optimizing it 200 or 500, the Shanghai dragon Er, to achieve profitability, the only way is run, it is such a friend as I have said they like the way the company is run. And this pattern once mature, but also for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to spend money to achieve Shanghai dragon desire better way! But it is for those who the higher the degree of competition, or to demand higher conversion of Web sites, it is not appropriate to

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