n 2015 industrial site of Shanghai Longfeng practical method of optimization techniques

two, the deployment of

three, can not be ignored, love love Shanghai Encyclopedia Shanghai library, Shanghai library, know love love Shanghai, love Shanghai video and other related products like Shanghai related products on its own are awarded to a higher authority, and ranked in the same encyclopedic data library in front of other words, can give site bring drainage vocabulary.


content of the construction of

2) collect keywords week search volume increased, can be used to love Shanghai index tools or demand index tools of Ali as a data reference, collection search terms as rising behind the writing, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know the direction of library construction, proposed to 7-15 days periodic update.

The industrial enterprises in the traditional


home brand deployment buzzwords, column page layout, page layout product category word product product keywords, if the program can achieve upload products can be simultaneously define the product of independent TDK (title, keywords, description) content is the best of the content of this proposal; Shanghai Longfeng with sales staff can communicate, understand the product characteristics write.

1) to collect their own products related keywords (especially long tail keywords), collected from the bottom of the Shanghai love related search and love Shanghai droplist, month update.

, a key industrial products of Shanghai Longfeng thesaurus construction workers, from two aspects of construction of key word.

4) project construction, such as our rich trade mall, planning.

2) original article information update, in addition to the acquisition of the media industry information, Shanghai dragon editors should also write about every product or website with key keyword articles (800 word article with 1-2 anchor text anchor); like company news, the company held a conference, in some products company leaders attended the exhibition, important activities can be written as a communication presentation to publish, to expand the company and the popularity of the website.

in recent years, industrial electricity supplier website (including industrial supermarket, industrial mall, industrial B2B platform) is the original bee fire potential, in addition to the Alibaba, Marco Polo, world factory, Grainger, OEM known for "Foxconn" also launched a "rich trade mall" industrial products online mall, the main to the precision machinery (mechanical equipment, testing equipment, equipment parts, automobile parts, mold standard parts, metal materials, non-metallic materials etc.) as the main goods.

1) product graphic combination to the combination of graphic display of the use of the products, property specifications, usage, packaging and customer service etc. in the product details.

, moved to the electricity supplier online purchasing, implementation or negotiate orders, in addition to the pre site reasonable structure, good user experience, promote the drainage work is also very important, I will talk about my website industrial products of Shanghai Longfeng experience

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