Do the two feelings Shanghai dragon er


anyway, since we chose to do the Shanghai dragon Er, to rank as a top priority. And if we are just an ordinary Internet users, we do not have to worry about those problems, just enjoy the search engine to >

I recently have relatives need to see the doctor let me help to find the hospital, this can let me confused. How to find an authoritative and affordable hospital? Search, the results are PPC It is as expected. Natural this piece is of little value, ranking, promotion cost is higher, so the general hospital charges will be very high, and most of them are private hospitals. And then look down the natural ranking, found that several of the top are not known in the hospital, or simply several simple web pages, and pop websites such as flying, how can people believe his authority. If you put in a few years ago I was a "pure", also do not know Shanghai dragon, I may choose up is not so painful. Now the Shanghai dragon er know, search engine is just a tool, and PPC, after a series of manual intervention means, but let me feel confused.

The change of the

search it for reference, so I call 114 consultation, the results of the other feedback here is only one hospital (ENT) registration, I go! Is 114 PPC mode is also ah, who who gave money to the registration, who’s who first recommended. In the gradual loss of credibility of Internet, Internet users really confused.

is the main purpose of Shanghai dragon get free flow so as to bring the intention of customers to our site from a search engine. This relative to spend promotion or recruit staff run business is a more efficient way of promotion. This is the advantage of Shanghai dragon, but when you understand the search engine ranking rules and then you will find that the ranking is not a good product. Because the ranking is only through technical means to optimize, the actual situation and the product is not the same. Following a brief talk about doing two feelings Shanghai dragon er.

search results ranking messy, unable to choose.

is ranked two all

search engine has been oriented to user habits. Although the search results are not so precise, but I believe that in the near future, regardless of the quality of information, or information will greatly increase the number of. Improvement of search engine is the biggest benefit of the majority of Internet users. Such as the controversial love sea Box Computing: less one click is more conducive to the user experience, but the Shanghai dragon ER and small webmaster is not what good news, or even a "crowning calamity". Shanghai dragon Er is love love is love for Shanghai, Shanghai is ranked most important standard of Shanghai dragon for the success of Er test. Love Shanghai each update can carry Shanghai dragon Er nerve, love Shanghai algorithm changes may become a hot topic in Shanghai dragon Er, love Shanghai "ventilation" can make Shanghai dragon Er long tangle…

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