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operation step

4. Commission: Internet users through your soft text guide, into the Taobao store to buy goods and confirm payment, you can get the commission paid by the seller.

even so, for apple, the situation is far from optimistic. In the high-end fashion brand itself as it has now caught in the quagmire of innovation, can only rely on the introduction of the golden and red nouveau riche Limited Edition iPhone 7 to Bo eye, but eventually buried in the "iPhone getting nothing new" condemning.

shares in the day also by the institutional investors Drake Searl · Hamilton analyst Brian · White Research Report boost the Research Report of apple stock target price was raised to $185 per share to $202, means that Apple could become the world’s first market value exceeded $1 trillion in Super Company.

considered this year as the birth of iPhone 10th anniversary, the upcoming iPhone 8 also known as "to meet the needs of all fantasy, Apple has ushered in a wave of generally optimistic, but whether we can use this wave of Dongfeng 10th anniversary, open up a new situation, mark and one in the second half of this year a million billion dollar market but people doubt.

on Tuesday, Apple Corp’s shares rose $0.98 in regular trading, or 0.64%, to $153.99. According to the closing price, Apple’s market capitalization of $802 billion 880 million, becoming the first market capitalization of more than $800 billion company.

for a long time, Apple Inc.

above is black brother simple summary, if your writing is not good, SEO technology does not pass, want to do guest relatively difficult. If you are not more than two specific ability, also want to join a guest is there a better way? Today to tell you a little black brother low technical requirements, good effect, the e-book marketing strategy amoy. If you can use this method to achieve the ultimate, believe you can achieve a monthly income of million.


1. is easy to promote

. What are the advantages of e-book marketing do guest

Ali mother Tao, there are a large number of webmaster friends to join Amoy family, especially in the current financial crisis and the employment pressure, occupation guest team is growing up. Part of innovation, the executive power of the Amoy income is high, the monthly income of thousands, or even tens of thousands of people, do not envy other people’s income, and not suitable for anyone to do the hard work, only they know, because most of the Tao guest did not grasp the clever door, poor execution, lack of innovation ability. Little income, monthly income of hundreds, or even dozens of There are plenty of people who are. The little black brother through analysis and observation, the high income of the Tao, basically use two methods:

2. website: according to your choice of goods, targeted set up a good site, into the commodity promotion links.

first of all, let’s get to know what e-book marketing is. It refers to combining the commodity information with the consumer’s needs and making it into an e-book. It can be spread directly to the target customers in the form of knowledge dissemination.

2. write soft text: write the soft text of the goods, and at the same time to promote the link into the article.

world’s first trillion dollar market capitalization company or will be born

in the Apple Corp in 2017 second quarter earnings see note: due to the end time of Apple’s fiscal year for the last Saturday in September of that year, the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 so in fact corresponds to the 1, 2, in March this year, the quarter sales fell, compared with the same period last year sales of 51 million 190 thousand mobile phone the results of this year only sold 50 million 760 thousand.

because the contents of e-books are informative articles, which are helpful to users and users like to read, so in the forum, they will not only be deleted, but also be added as the essence

, according to foreign media reports, the market value of its $802 billion 800 million also exceeds the economic size of 45 states in 50 states, less than Illinois, Florida, New York, Dezhou and California.

? Since the launch of

second is SEO:


1. pick goods: to Taobao guest home page, select a promotion merchandise.

1. pick goods: to Taobao home page, select promotional products.

4. Commission: Internet users through the engine search, access to your site, through your site boot, into the Taobao store to buy goods and confirm payment, also can get the seller pay commission.

although Apple has increased slightly in revenue, but the vast majority of it is driven by iPhone, iPad as another star Apple Corp products, sales and revenues have appeared 13% and 12% decline. In the past, the growth engine, Greater China, revenue continues to decline.

3. do promotion: through BBS, group, blog, soft Wen released..

3. do optimization: to optimize the relevant keywords, in order to get good rankings.

, the first is soft text:

operation step

there are rumors that iPhone 8 will be full screen, glass shell, remove home and physical buttons, wireless charging, and release OLED screen version,

The several times with death

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