Search engine optimization strategy (four) server selection Report


two: confirm the server IP address

before the three section we analyze how to search engine optimization, respectively, from the site Keywords: recombinant screening, the importance of tags and web writing, and influence on the content of the theme ranking factors are discussed in detail. In this chapter we discuss how to choose a qualified server. Ignore choose a qualified server, it will cause unpredictable consequences: the light is at the drop, the effort wasted effort, while sites by K. Therefore, on the choice of the server, to appear on the website is good or search engine or user. How to choose a reasonable price, good to do the following analysis:

service providersWhy is

is the first check the number of sites under the IP, we should choose the same number of IP sites and less server. Generally, if the number of the same IP site more than 100 it is best not to choose. To put it crudely, what birds have. Have no right to be reduced or blocked the site, get IP blocked do what station. As for the judgment of IP how many love Shanghai website, or use Adsense tools can see. Check out the detailed to the site to test the rankings included an analysis of the website weight, see if IP search engines do drop right processing.

three: to confirm the IDC scale

to confirm the service scale? If the service provider is both technology and strength are guaranteed, the most important is credit. Now many of the service provider is VPS proxy for the individual service providers, one of the high technology and how much credibility? Whether the security server, or safety data are not necessarily not infringed. At least the service provider does not covet your website, your data will not take out the hanging "XXX website source data for sale" title. Now know the source of these things? Of course we regardless of whether anyone covet your data to sell single server technology maintenance, personal or small service providers are unmatched with the formal large service providers. What is more webmaster do not covet the so-called empty sponsorship >

serverThe choice of server

now has more than three kinds: VPS, virtual host, independent host, make different positioning for different user groups respectively. We tentatively regardless of where the difference between a few fold, we analyze how to choose a good server.

: make sure that the server belonging to

generally placed in Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing these first-tier cities on the server is relatively good, the other domestic position. According to the current situation many owners choose the server to go abroad, but the server is not to go abroad cannot but choice, because of the China search engine is very bad. The spider could not every day to index across several continents on your site

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