From pomegranate how to save our website

how to save my website? We analyze

loves Shanghai pomegranate algorithm once launched, it is a few happy worry, in this algorithm, as a webmaster have to change their own website, but encountered a mature website, and how to change the pomegranate, really let the webmaster evil bother.

has the homogenization of content to do? The homogenization of content has too much, only from the aspects of processing procedures, this is indeed a problem for some owners do not understand the technology.

this function is the webmaster of the gospel ah, constantly pop up, the user accidentally click, it is a lot of income, but a pomegranate, which is really let the webmaster sad ah, cut off from the front, it is not cut off from the injured in the sinews or bones, the long run, it is the pit kill Qian Shu shake. This time What should I do?

The following solutions:

wants to increase the new content, but not to the original, but.

2 new Question 2: the original content of

This program is

1 pressure screen advertising display

: each of the page display time is too short, usually from the user interaction behavior, can only display 5 seconds

disadvantages: if the mask is too vulgar advertising, the mask display will directly affect the positioning of the site for users.

the program summary content in the website content, and then added to the top, the contents of part of code filtering, content extraction, in the executive summary. If the content of the website is not much, the suggestion part, webmaster after reading the article, summed up the ideological fill.

2, floating ad

1:JS pop-up box

1, the existing content processing scheme of


be made one by 2 kinds of display mode, with certain technical content, first of all, in the form of a mask mask, when a user accesses the home page, the user can close, through the close button, when reduced to the left or right side of the page according to the floating.

, increase the content of treatment

really original content for the website of the station, is a pain and happiness elements, how to quickly create original content for the webmaster, has always been a big problem. Pomegranate has now begun to non original, homogenization of content rectification, how to avoid the pomegranate hit, but also very quick and easy to prepare high-quality content? Now we carried on the analysis to solve.

this scheme in an instant the user visits the site, have pressure screen, and then automatically indent, does not affect the user’s access behavior, also attracted users attention, of course, love Shanghai pomegranate will not hit you, is really beautiful

is as follows: to solve

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