Six Shanghai dragon fast ranking beloved Shanghai Home Tips



we can through the relevant search and users are hot search to get the user’s needs, these are the user currently urgent concern, and we have to do is a specific article, solve the needs of users, the use of Shanghai love weight advantage of their products, to achieve fast ranking Shanghai home to love.


1 and SEM on

Wang Jishun found someone special for the QQ space ranking technology >

4, QQ

news source soft



just find a product example: activated carbon

look at the case:

we often complain about their own operations, love love Shanghai Shanghai home has a large number of their products, such as the common love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love knows Encyclopedia of Shanghai library and so on, sometimes want to go beyond the natural ranking of these sites, it is difficult for many Shanghai dragon, so if we can change a way of thinking and we can use these products to their love of Shanghai traffic guide and brand exposure.

SEM put is the most beloved Shanghai home to achieve keyword ranking means fast, enterprises open love Shanghai, choose your target keywords, set a reasonable bid, as long as the advertising effect, the keyword of the website can be the first time to love Shanghai home. One of the marketing channels, which is currently the most enterprises choose of course, select SEM on the need to consider the input-output ratio, after all, each click is paid, the high cost of traffic.

believes that there are a lot of enterprises have already in such operations, especially in the medical industry, to do a lot of news coverage using keyword ranking, although the source of love, Shanghai has been the emphasis on strengthening the supervision website news source, but where there is interest, people will go to the

is not working in the enterprise, or their own business via the Internet, access to web traffic is our ultimate goal, in order to achieve the ultimate goal, we need the site keywords ranking will be beloved Shanghai home, and more and more keywords ranking beloved Shanghai home. If it is to do brand marketing, may be related to the exposure of the brand, such as the release of the soft can achieve love Shanghai home.

2, using their product weight

how to operate?

do the work of the purpose is the same, ranking love Shanghai home to get traffic and exposure by keywords, so how to achieve the fast ranking beloved Shanghai home? Beijing Shanghai dragon Wang Jishun on the basis of their own experience tidy.

love ShanghaiKeywords

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