360 search station only one of the results of a site statement is disabled

to search the play big search, when the station name in the search results page There was no parallel in history. also called only a precise result. He is playing the user experience or what game to play. This change even love Shanghai, Google has not been tried, have not mentioned. Then the 360 face, do 360 optimization for us what happens? Could it be, this is a deadly weapon to use against Shanghai love? Do not know, look at the phenomenon I found out last night wonders:

you look at the picture above, search these words is very normal.


but I do not seem to add interesting links from platform 360. So he is how to get to my station name keyword information? I think the only way is through the anchor text, the other station Links. All traces are not the same as the 360 show to play love Shanghai. Love in Shanghai to reduce the role of the anchor text, and 360 this time seems to be in the use of highly anchor text, but now it seems only to have the function of keywords station name. When the station name + space + other words can only call a data, this is because he did not find this website. Keywords space in front of the show.

but when I found Lou loose, I understand. It should be 360 is deliberately keep only a correct result out. In this case, the user can more accurately find directly to find the site. It is 360 for automatic web site to do keyword identification. Can automatically match the name of the station. The search results also joined the 360 and the Sina blog. Lenovo has 360 Links platform a few days before the 360 engage in, it suddenly seemed to know what he would do. Links platform just for he can really to get to the station for the keyword information, I is able to automatically search the station name is the search results.

is strange even site statements are disabled. This is really very strange. But I love Shanghai Sina search, the word is very normal. Then I went to Shanghai I love search station, the result is normal. And I found each other in the word master appeared more than 20 thousand results. There is Taobao customer acquisition plug-in also had a lot of results.

I really admire 360 search play, he play, let some others want to pretend to be phishing sites no loopholes. While some large blog, and the Encyclopedia of 360 can be added into the search results. The disabled sit>


last night 360 search my name but very strange, different from the past, only shows a search result. There was nothing wrong, I stand there. The word collocation and wealth is the same, only shows a search record. And I have 1700 included 360 search. Why not show my own web page or other website with my station pass each station network of the word page. Usually at least tens of thousands of search results.

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