Enterprise Station on-line stage optimization strategy make the website optimization work more effic

enterprise website first, we should pay more attention to the code base station and user experience. Many enterprises in the early site did not take into account the optimize and marketing aspects of the work, only to face the problem, or itself in the aspects of marketing do not have much experience, see others do station themselves drift, line on the website but many stations within basic code, the user experience in a complete mess. Then, how to pay attention to what the station optimization point? Based code, whether you are table or DIV layout layout first, color collocation must highlight the industry website, all to the user experience as the foundation, can refer to the web site. In the station code, the author suggested the use of basic HTML code, is not recommended for many not much significance and function loss of user experience or search engine, such as many JS effects code, a lot of pop-up ads or floating ads and so on, these are really bad for site optimization, site based code simple, clear, site structure for example, in line with F type structure of user browsing behavior, the top banner and navigation on the left column list, intermediate product display at the bottom of the copyright information and so on is very good. Or on the lower, middle and top banner navigation module news list plus the flash rotation, at the bottom of the two for a list of products and copyright information, such a structure is the most common layout is both very good for the user or search engine, is also the author of a straight since two layout way with the station.

second, the initial line focuses on the content of the construction of enterprise website. After a lot of enterprise website online, enterprise managers in order to quickly see the effect, the optimization of personnel to strengthen the workload wantonly for web content, such as the number of required per person per day must be added dozens or hundreds of articles, the chain every day how much and so much, of course, the performance appraisal is no ground for blame but I think, website optimization the stage is more important, the site after the beginning of the line, the station structure layout well, the author thinks that the key of this stage is that the construction of Shanghai station, with love algorithm upgrade, the difficulty of construction of station content than before it has a qualitative change, the content of quality factors has become one of the core factors of the search engine most attention, Scindapsus algorithm is the most the direct embodiment, I generally do well in the station early in the new line, after the first piece of high quality The amount of the original content is the most basic. Secondly, the article writing and persevere to update every day. The number is fixed keywords >.

at present, with the development of electronic commerce, more and more enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, Internet marketing is the core part of the marketing level, but with the escalation in the search engine algorithm of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the new station site at the beginning of the line, should pay attention to what the optimal points, avoid entering the love Hailei area. The author’s own in addition to their own website, the optimization of the enterprise stand accounted for 70% of the workload, today I share basis points to their own experiences and all the stations should pay attention to the beginning of the line.

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